Zero Waste Policy for Fairgrounds Vendors

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Thank you for participating in this year’s Evergreen State Fair! We are proud to be in the sixth year of our plan to make the Evergreen State Fair a Zero Waste event, and the Evergreenest Fair Ever! With your help, we can reach our goal of a Zero Waste Fair by only distributing materials to Fair visitors that are recyclable, compostable, or reusable.

All vendors should use the Zero Waste Stations located throughout the Fairgrounds to put recyclables, compostables, and garbage in the correct bin. Vendors that produce larger amounts of pre-consumer waste can contact County Fairgrounds staff and request additional compost and/or recycling receptacles for use at their booth, as needed.

The Zero Waste initiative helps minimize the Fair’s environmental impact and operational costs. Since the start of this initiative we have averaged approximately 45% of Fair waste diverted from the landfill through new composting and recycling infrastructure. Since 2014, that's over 245 tons of waste diverted! Going Zero Waste also enhances the Fair experience for visitors. In 2014, 97% of the 363 visitors surveyed at the 2014 Fair said the Zero Waste initiative improved their Fair experience.

Food Service Packaging Policy for Food Vendors

Download the Zero Waste Food Vendor Policy. This document outlines acceptable and non-acceptable items for composting at the Fair.

Food vendors play a key role in the Zero Waste effort, as a large proportion of the waste generated during the Fair is food-related. Since 2015, the Evergreen State Fair has required compliance with our Compostable Food Service Policy:

1.  ALL vendors must use commercially compostable products for ALL food serviceware

  • Items must be accepted by Cedar Grove Composting Facility
  • Items marketed as "Sustainable", "Biodegradable", or "Renewable" are NOT the same as "commercially compostable" and will not be accepted!
  • *Limited Exceptions
    • Reusable souvenir cups or buckets are acceptable
    • Recyclable beverage bottles and cans are acceptable
    • In limited instances where no compostable or recyclable alternative is feasible, an exemption can be requested by emailing Brenda Granstrom

2. Vendors with non-compliant items will be asked to remove them.