Best New Acquired Technology

Information Technology Award

A new tool, social media site, cell or tablet app, or online tool for PCs that is put into use by any department or office during the prior year (2014).

  • Awarded to: Systems Team, Information Technology
  • Awarded for: CISCO Nexus 7000 Core Network Switching
  • Description: The Information Technology Systems Team replaced the core switches that control traffic throughout Snohomish County’s computer network. In replacing the outdated fifteen-year-old equipment, the Systems Team was able to expand network capacity ten-fold, provide redundant connections (crucial for backup), and upgrade a number of features. These switches lay the groundwork for high availability to the individual floors in campus buildings.
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  • Nominated: Clerk's Office, Accounting Division
  • Nominated for:  Revenue Results
  • Description: Revenue Results is an integrated collections/revenue management software system used to manage accounts for money owed to the County Clerk's Office for Superior Court criminal cases. These cases include felonies and gross misdemeanors that involve court fines, fees, and restitution to victims. During the first eight months of 2014, collections increased 122%. Revenue Results provides correspondence, automatically filling in portions of letters, as well as reporting functionality, including success ratio for each letter type. Garnishment letters that previously took at least ten minutes to complete, can now be processed in just two minutes.
  • Nominated: Corrections Bureau of the Sheriff's Office
  • Nominated for: CorEMR
  • Description: Read about the CorEMR project under Best Project Completion.

  • Nominated:  Office of Energy and Sustainability
  • Nominated for: Vengage for Infographics
  • Description: The Office of Energy & Sustainability (OES) began using Vengage, an affordable web-based infographics program that comes with a variety of templates. OES uses the program to construct infographics to communicate program outcomes, impacts of their work and program processes to other departments and staff. An example is Zero Waste Fairgrounds (PDF). This inexpensive software has become an important tool in OES' communications strategy.

  • Nominated: Parks & Recreation
  • Nominated for: Video Projector
  • Description: Parks uses their new interactive video projector for meetings, presentations and workshops, eliminating the need for paper handouts. The interactive pen writes on the large projected computer screen like a giant tablet. The board can run programs, draw over projected maps such as SCOPI (see Interactive Maps of Snohomish County), and save the image in multiple formats. At a recent ranger meeting, the agenda displayed seamlessly on the screen, with hyperlinks to files, websites, training videos and maps.

  • Nominated:  Public Works
  • Nominated for: Pavement Management System
  • Description: Replaced existing (unsupported by vendor) system for managing pavement over 1500 miles of county roads. Pavement preservation is a proactive, cost-efficient approach to maintaining existing roadway network. This approach requires effective pavement management software to develop an objective, data-driven analysis of the current road conditions for work prioritization. System provides better capture of data in the field and planning for optimum use of resources by addressing most viable improvements.