Missing Persons

The Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office will investigate all persons reported missing until the person is located or determined to be a voluntarily missing adult. Missing persons can be reported immediately, there is no waiting period.

Concern and public awareness regarding missing persons continues to grow, especially as it relates to missing children, persons who are physically or mentally impaired, and suspected victims of foul play. Investigations of this type prove to be a challenge to law enforcement professionals, therefore the public’s help can be a valuable entity and is encouraged. More information about missing persons can be found below.


A missing person is any adult or juvenile who:

  • Has no pattern, history, or indication of running away or disappearing
  • Is mentally or physically impaired
  • May be the victim of parental abduction
  • May be in need of assistance or medical care
  • May be the victim of a crime or foul play


Missing person reports are generally made to the jurisdictional agency where the person was last seen at the time they went missing or from the location of their residence. You may file a missing person report in Snohomish County by contacting the precinct / agency in your area, or by calling 911. The case will be investigated by a detective in the Major Crimes Unit.

Runaway juvenile reports are filed and are investigated by your local Sheriff’s Office precinct. You may contact the precinct in your area for reporting information, or by calling 911.

Cold Cases

Some missing persons that are not located for a long period of time are believed to be victims of foul play. The report may be filed with the Cold Case Team.