Order Certified Copies of Marriage Records

Many agencies and organizations accept certified copies of certificates of marriage as legal proof of marriage. You may order certified copies of your marriage certificate in person, by mail, or over the phone. The Snohomish County Recording Division only has access to marriage records that were licensed and recorded in Snohomish County. If you received your marriage license in another county, please contact that county for copies.

In person

Visit the Snohomish County Customer Service Center.

Payment methods accepted: Cash, check, money order, cashier's check, Visa, Mastercard, or Discover.

By phone

You may submit a request for marriage records by phone. Staff will take your request, perform the recorded document search, and then contact you to pay for copies using a credit card. We may charge a search fee of $8.00 for marriage records recorded before 1976 or when significant staff time is required.

By mail

Submit the Recorded Document Search Request Form (PDF), including both parties' names as they appear on the marriage license and the date of the ceremony, along with the correct fee to:

Snohomish County Auditor's Office – Recording Division

3000 Rockefeller Ave M/S 204

Everett, WA 98201

Payment methods accepted: Check, money order, or cashier's check made payable to Snohomish County Auditor.


Description of fee
Unofficial copy of certificate of marriage
$1.00 per copy
Certified copy of certificate of marriage
$3.00 per copy
Search fee for any marriage record prior to 1976 $8.00
Postage and handling for copies delivered by mail $0.50

If you need a certified copy immediately following your ceremony, you should return in person to the Snohomish County Auditor’s Office with the completed Certificate of Marriage.