Structural Requirements

One set of structural plans or blueprints must accompany your building permit application in order for your application to be accepted. Structures must be constructed to meet certain standards for both health and safety. These standards are established through the International Building Code and Snohomish County Code Title 30 Unified Development Code chapters 30.52A-30.52G. What this means for your project is that engineering is typically required. The engineered plans and report with supporting calculations must be provided by a Washington State licensed Engineer or Architect and attached to your structural plans. The plans will need to be signed and stamped by the qualified professional.

If you are planning on placing a manufactured home on your property you will need installation plans in lieu of blue prints.

Construction plan with triangle

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Bulk Matrix/Notes

Building size, or height can trigger additional requirements based on certain thresholds outlined in county code. For instance buildings greater than 35 feet in height within a designated shoreline will have additional requirements. Please refer to the shoreline section for additional information.

Certain zoning designations may have additional requirements or prohibitions as outlined in the bulk matrix. Please be sure to review all notes included in the matrix for specific requirements.


Structures must be built at the appropriate distance from property lines and easements. Setbacks need to be shown both on the structural plans and on the accompanying site plan. 


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