Bid Tabulations & Award Information

Displayed below are all Formal Bids, RFPs, and RFQs received by the county and are in the evaluation process. Once this process completes, the solicitation may result in one or more awards. The county will post preliminary bid tabulations for each bid, and a list of submitters for RFPs, and RFQs received on this page when available.

Preliminary Bid Tabulations

Preliminary bid tabulations will be posted as opened and read during the bid opening. The county makes no guarantee of the accuracy of any information contained in the preliminary bid tabulation. To download the bid tabulation, click on the link shown in the "Status" column.

Once award information is available it will be posted here as well.

Bid Status Key

Bid Status
Description Bid Status Description    
Bid Opening Link to Preliminary results from bid opening No Response No bids received for invitation                  
Bid Tab Link to bid tabulation of all bids after review Cancelled Bid cancelled before due date
Intent to Award Awaiting approval of recommended bidder
(link remains to bid tab)
No Award No award of bid after opening
Awarded Bid awarded to lowest, most responsible
  1. 2016 BIDS
  2. 2015
  3. 2014
  4. 2013
 Title Due
Status Date
Awardee Award
 083-16DW  Evidence Presentation System 12/13/16 Awarded  12/14/16 Nomad Technologies, Inc. $20,505.32
 082-16SR Sweeping Services at Solid Waste Transfer Station  12/13/16 Bid Opening      
 080-16SB Demolition, 27809 Whitman Rd, Arlington 12/16/16 Bid Opening       
 079-16SR Field Loader Conveyor 11/17/16 No Response      
 078-16DW Lab Services, Water Analysis 11/22/16 Awarded 12/1/16  AmTest, Inc. $77,815
 076-16SR Moderate Risk Waste Disposal 12/13/16 Bid Tab      
 074-16SB DataOn Storage Appliances & Backup Server 12/1/16   Awarded 12/28/16  Hypertec USA, Inc. $135,569.69 
 073-16SR Truck Accessories for Peterbilt 567 10/20/16 Awarded 10/31/16 Western Peterbilt, Inc. $41,083.05
 072-16SB Entry Realignment - Fairfield Park 10/27/16 Awarded 12/19/16  AGR Contracting, Inc. $158,412
 070-16SR Solid Rubber Tires & Rims for Wheel Loaders 10/6/16  Awarded  11/15/16 GCR Tires & Service $70,400 
 069-16DW Seattle Hill Rd; 35th Ave SE - 132nd St SE 12/8/16 Intent to Award TBD  Taylor's Excavators, Inc. $8,004,174.50
 067-16DW Carpentry 10/6/16 Awarded  10/17/16 Talakai Construction, LLC $ 7,200
 066-16HC Restroom Paper Products & Dispensers 10/20/16  Bid Tab      
 065-16SB Satellite Imagery 9/6/16  Awarded 8/14/16 Land Info Worldwide Mapping, LLC $65,298.11 
 064-16HC Tree Services 10/11/16 Awarded 11/16/16  Selective Tree Removal
Asplundh Tree Expert Co.
F.A. Bartlett Tree Experts
 062-16SR Ford Vehicles 9/13/16 Awarded 10/25/16 Bickford Motors, Inc. $2,603,008.91 
 060-16SR Dump Truck Bodies & Pony Trailers  8/25/16 Awarded 8/31/16 OSW Equipment & Repair $871,675
 059-16SR Electrical Maintenance & Repair 8/16/16 Awarded 8/22/16  Sequoyah Electric &
Milne Electric
 058-16SR Airport Runway Sweeper 8/23/16 Awarded  8/31/16 Owens Equipment $276,858
 057-16SB Sheet Pile Material 7/21/16 Awarded 7/28/16  Skyline Steel LLC $67,800 
 056-16SR Asphalt Distributor - Truck Mounted 8/16/16 Awarded 8/18/16  BearCat Mfg. $111,165
 055-16DW Doors & Windows 7/16/16  Awarded 7/27/16 Pella Windows and Doors $251,385.60
 054-16SB Pavement Repairs, Centennial Trail 8/16/16 Awarded  10/6/16 Danneko Construction $91,476
 053-16SB Pavement Repairs & Slurry Seal 7/26/16 Awarded  9/22/16 Pave Northwest, Inc. $67,783.72
 052-16SR Aquatic Herbicide Treatment 6/30/16 Awarded  7/5/16 Aqua Technex, LLC $8,190
 050-16SR Maintenance Repair, Electrical  7/21/16 No Response      
 049-16SR Trail Restoration 7/21/16 Awarded 7/26/16  Washington Trails Assoc. $62,280
 048-16SR Equipment Trailers 7/19/16   Awarded 7/25/16  Pape Machinery $151,700
 047-16SB Hard Drives, Internal 7/14/16  Cancelled      
 046-16HC Streetlights - LED 6/23/16 Awarded 7/12/16 Consolidated Electrical Distributors $144,997.00 
 045-16DW Howard Creek Bridge No. 496 Replacement Project 10/11/16 Intent to Award TBD  Pacific Pile & Marine $1,347,166
 043-16SB Telephones, Polycom 6/16/16  Awarded 7/13/16 CDW-G $697,394
(initial year)
 042-16DW LED Retrofit Kits 6/7/16 No Award      
 041-16DW Fire System Inspection & Testing 7/28/16 No Award   Anticipated re-bid 1st Qtr '17  
 040-16SR Print - Mail Assessor Documents 6/21/16 Awarded 7/20/16 AFTS $25,349.43
 038-16DW Blue Bridge #538 Monte Cristo Rd Mitigation 6/7/16 Awarded 6/15/16 Accord Contractors $251,240
 037-16HC Embroidery Services 7/26/16 Awarded 8/23/16  Gearheart Embroidery &
Embroidery for the Soul
Priced per piece 
 034-16SB Shoring/Cofferdam System,
6/2/16 No Response      
 033-16SB Video Surveillance Equipment Upgrade  5/19/16 Awarded 8/17/16 RFI Communications & Security Systems $76,785
 031-16DW Carnegie Remodel 7/26/16 No Award    No Award due to budget  
 030-16SB Bark & Wood Chip Mulch 5/17/16 Awarded 5/31/16 Lenz Ent.; Pacific Topsoils; Joe's Landscaping $81,000
 029-16SB Microfilm Conversion Services 6/14/16 Awarded 6/22/16 Perfect Image, Inc. $9,000
 028-16DW 2016 County Overlay & ADA
5/11/16 Awarded 5/18/16 Lakeside Industries, Inc. $8,181,998.20
 027-16DW Whitehorse Trail Restoration &
SR 520 Berm Incident Rmvl
5/31/16 Awarded 6/8/16   Taylor's Excavators, Inc. $981,316.96 
 026-16SR Plywood Barricades 3/29/16 Awarded 3/31/16 Alpine Products, Inc. $13,602
 025-16SB Fertilizer, Custom Blend 3/24/16 Awarded 4/1/16 Wilbur Ellis Co. LLC $10,682.61
 024-16SB MS Surface Pros & Accessories 3/22/16 Awarded 4/13/16 Microsoft $70,570.04
 023-16SR Cedar Sign Posts 3/24/16 No Award n/a  (will be rebid w/revised specs) $0
 022-16SB Scanning System, FlexScan 400 or Equal 3/22/16 Cancelled  (will be rebid) $0
 021-16HC Inmate Clothing 5/17/16 Awarded 7/8/16 Uniforms Mfg., Inc. (Sched A)
Charm Tex (Sched B)
 020-16SR Print/Distribute Local Voters' Pamphlets 3/24/16 Awarded 4/7/16 Rotary Offset Press $49,119.10
 019-16SR  Wood Waste - Yard Debris 3/15/16  Awarded 3/23/16  Lenz Enterprises, Inc. Sched B
$35.50 per ton
Sched C
$28.50 per ton
 018-16SB Playground Equipment  3/8/16 Awarded 3/10/16 Game Time c/o Sitelines $30,570.90
 016-16SR High Density Polyethylene Pipe 3/10/16 Awarded 3/14/16 Pacific Corrugated Pipe $56,434
 015-16SB Cationic Emulsified Asphalt 3/10/16  Awarded 3/30/16 McAsphalt; Husky Marketing $1,150,000 combined
 014-16DW Nearshore Beach Nourishment Projects  3/22/16 Awarded 3/30/16 Redside Construction LLC $1,237,086.40 
 014-16SR Publication of Legal Notices for Snohomish County 3/15/16 Awarded 4/7/16 The Daily Herald $7.41 per
 013-16SB Topsoil 2/25/16 Awarded 2/26/16 Pacific Topsoil, Lenz Ent., Riverside Topsoil $30,000 
 012-16DW Lake Ketchum, Annual Alum Treatment 2/25/16 Awarded  3/3/16 Aquatechnex, LLC $41,464.50 
 011-16SR Printing & Mailing, Jury Summons 2/23/16  Awarded 3/1/16 Infosend, Inc. $11,016
 010-16SB Surface Pros & Accessories 2/23/16 No Award  n/a Re-bid as 024-16SB  $0 
 009-16DW 2016 Pedestrian Improvement Project; 3 Locations 6/7/16 Awarded 6/15/16  RRJ Company $847,429.49
 008-16SR SW Compactors 2/23/16 Awarded 4/20/16 SSI Compaction Systems $5,118,084.61
 007-16SB Heybrook Ridge Park, Phase 1; Trail Construction 2/18/16  Awarded 3/11/16  Welwest Construction, Inc. $87,237 
 005-16HC Tire Deflation Devices 2/2/16 Awarded 2/22/16 Stipstick, Ltd. $13,058.70
 004-16SB Cartridges, StormFilter or Equal 2/18/16 Awarded 2/24/16 Contech Engineered Solutions $30,300
 003-16SB Quarry & Rock Products 2/9/16 Awarded 3/4/16 13 Various  $400,000 
 001-16DW Swamp Creek Bridge No. 504 Replacement Project 2/18/16  Awarded 3/2/16  McClure & Sons, Inc. $1,459,657.78

Submittal Status Key

Submittal Status
Description Submittal Status Description    
In Evaluation Evaluation of all submittals (link to list of proposers) No Response No submittals received for request                                
Contract Negotiation Between Snohomish County and intended awardee Cancelled Request cancelled before due date
Intent to Award Awaiting approval of recommended proposer
(link remains to list of responders)
No Award No award after opening
Awarded Contract awarded to the highest ranked proposer  
Submittal Postings
Only the vendor names of the submittals received will be available on this page for proposals and qualification submittals.  Click on the "In Evaluation" link to get a list of responders.
  1. 2016 RFx
  2. 2015
  3. 2014
  4. 2013
 Title Due
Status Date
RFP-28-16HC Consultant Services - Implementation of Trauma-Informed Practices in Schools 10/27/16  In Evaluation    
RFP-26-16SB Sustainable Forestry Evaluation & Analysis 11/2/16  In Evaluation    
RFP-25-16SB  Enterprise Content Management Solution 11/22/16 In Evaluation    
RFP-23-16DW Real Estate Brokerage & Marketing Services 7/22/16 In Evaluation    
RFP-21-16SB  Property Assessment & Taxation Application Software 10/27/16 In Evaluation    
RFP-20-16DW Historic Property Inventory Update 7/27/16 Intent to Award TBD Summit Solutions Group LLC 
RFP-19-16SR Coordination Services for Non-Profit Hot Meal Programs 7/25/16  Intent to Award TBD Blue Marble Environmental LLC
RFP-18-16DW Attorney Services 8/18/16  In Evaluation    
RFQ-17-16DW Substance Abuse Disorder Evaluation & Treatment (Adult & Juvenile) 11/10/16  In Evaluation    
RFP-17-16SB Public Private Partnerships 7/6/16  In Evaluation    
RFP-16-16HC Barber Services, Inmates 7/13/16 Awarded  9/21/16 Steve's Barber Shop
RFQ-15-16SB Design & Engineering Services, Stream Along Centennial Trail 11/4/16 In Evaluation    
RFP-15-16SR Answering Service, District Court 7/18/16 Intent to Award  TBD CLOUDTASK
RFQ-14-16DW 35th Ave SE - Roadway Improvement 9/16/16 In Evaluation    
RFQ-13-16DW A & E Behavioral Healthcare Design Services 8/31/16 In Evaluation    
RFP-13-16SB Scanning System, Production, for Microfiche & Aperture Cards 7/22/16 Awarded  8/24/16 NMS Imaging
RFQ-12-16SR Aviation Attraction Visitor Wayfinding Concept Design & Implementation Plan 9/9/16 In Evaluation    
RFP-12-16HC Telematic System 7/6/16  Awarded  11/30/16 Telogis, Inc.
RFQ-11-16DW A & E for Behavioral Health Facility 6/30/16 No Award   Re-Released as RFQ-13-16DW 
RFQ-10-16SR Sisco Landfill Remediation Plan 6/1/16 In Evaluation    
RFP-10-16HC Private Security Personnel Services 6/13/16 In Evaluation    
RFQ-09-16SB Design, Esperance Park Renovation 5/27/16 Intent to Award  TBD J.A. Brennan Associates
RFP-09-16DW Forage Fish Monitoring & Surveying Services 6/6/16 Awarded  8/10/16 Natural Resources Consultants, Inc. (James Selleck)
RFQ-08-16SR  A & E Services, Taxiway Bravo & Apron 5/18/16  Awarded 8/1/16 CH2M Hill, Inc.
RFP-08-16HC Hearing Examiner, Pro Tem (re-post) 5/6/16 Intent to Award TBD Lauren Erickson; Sound Law Center LLC; Olbrects & Associates PLLC
RFQ-07-16SB Design, Rec & Habitat Improvements, Meadowdale Beach Park 5/9/16 In Evaluation    
RFP-07-16HC Bottled Water Delivery Service 10/7/16 In Evaluation    
RFQ-06-16SB Design, Geotechnical Services,
Meadowdale Beach Park
5/9/16 In Evaluation    
RFQ-05-16SB Design, Railroad Bridge,
Meadowdale Beach Park
5/9/16 In Evaluation    
RFP-05-16SR Consultant Services for Tourism
Plan Update
3/22/16 In Evaluation    
RFQ-04-16SB Master Plan & Improvements,
Kayak Point Regional Park
4/8/16 In Evaluation    
RFP-04-16DW Industrial Food Waste Processing
3/3/16 No Response    
RFQ-03-16SB Design, Lake Stickney, Phase 1 3/2/16 Awarded  7/27/16 J.A. Brennan Associates PLLC 
RFP-03-16HC Crime Data Analysis, Temporary 3/2/16 Awarded 10/18/16  Vigilant Resources International
RFQ-02-16SB Design, Flowing Lake Campground
2/19/16 Awarded  5/31/16 Harmsen & Associates, Inc.
RFP-02-16HC Hearing Examiner, Pro Tem 4/15/16 No Response    
RFQ-01-16SR Airport Real Estate Appraisal Services 2/12/16 Awarded 5/4/16 Valbridge Property Advisors
RFP-01-16DW Human Resources Services, SERS 1/29/16 Awarded 4/7/16 JB Consulting Systems, LLC

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