2013-2018 Bids/RFXs Awards

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Preliminary Bid Tabulations

Preliminary bid tabulations will be posted as opened and read during the bid opening. The county makes no guarantee of the accuracy of any information contained in the preliminary bid tabulation. 

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Displayed below are all Formal Bids, RFPs, and RFQs received by the county and are in the evaluation process. Once this process completes, the solicitation may result in award(s).

Bid Status Key

Bid StatusDescriptionBid StatusDescription
Bid OpeningLink to Preliminary results from bid openingNo ResponseNo bids received for invitation
Bid TabLink to bid tabulation of all bids after reviewCancelledBid cancelled before due date
Intent to AwardAwaiting approval of recommended bidder
(link remains to bid tab)
No AwardNo award of bid after opening
AwardedBid awarded to lowest, most responsible

 092-17JB Janitorial Supplies1/11/2018 Cancelled
 090-17SB Play Equipment, Cable Explorer Dome12/12/2017    
 089-17SR Boat 12/12/2017Awarded   Tom-N-Jerry's$29,914.02 
 088-17SB Server Hardware12/7/2017 Awarded   Old American Inc$60,840.00 
 087-17SB 2018 ADA Ramps1/9/2018 Awarded 1/17/2018 Northend Excavating$264,730.00 
 086-17SBTrailer, Mobile Workstation & Temporary Morgue11/3/2017     
 085-17SB Concrete Products, Delivered11/21/2017    
 084-17SBRetroflectometer 11/7/2017Awarded 11/8/2017  Professional Pavement Services$99,600.00 
 083-17JBWindow Washing11/9/2017 Awarded   GHB Window Cleaning$16,900.00 
 082-17SRHandyman Services 11/2/2017Awarded 11/6/2017  Talakai Construction$3,564.00 
1/4/2018 Awarded   Pape Machinery$83,305.00 
 079-17JBInmate clothing 10/31/2017Awarded
12/1/2017  Acme Supply Co$18,502.00 
 078-17DWWasher and Dryer Installed11/7/2017 Awarded  11/8/2017 Washington Automated$16,625.31 
 077-17SRSurveillance Cameras10/24/2017 Awarded 11/3/2017  Halifax Security$18,218.97 
 076-17SBRodent & Pest Control10/19/2017 Awarded
10/23/2017 Sound Pest and Western$185 
 075-17SBPlay Equipment, Watch Tower
10/10/2017Awarded 10/10/2017  All Play Systems$76,325.91 
 073-17SRGuardrail Post Driver10/3/2017 Awarded 10/4/2017  Northend Truck$140,013.00 
 072-17SBRetroflectometer 10/17/2017Cancelled  Rebid 084-17SB 
 071-17JBWindow Washing Service10/10/2017  No Award   
 070-17SBSheriffs Accessories-Lights 9/28/2017Awarded 10/2/2017  ProForce$88,225.06 
 069-17SBeSign Software9/26/2017 Awarded 9/27/2017  CDW-G$88,626.63 
 068-17SRJeep Rubicon9/26/2017 Awarded 9/26/2017  Barry Automotive$39,095.91 
 067-17SRTurf Tender 440 & Trade 9/26/2017Awarded 9/20/2017  Pacific Golf and Turf$557.20 
 066-17SBPhishing Active Rolls8/31/2017 Awarded 
 9/6/2017 CDW Government LLC$26,007.57 
 064-17SR Lab Svcs Leach Water Soils 9/6/2017Awarded 9/15/2017  AmTest$85,860.00 
 063-17SBWenberg Boat Launch & Waterfront  Restoration9/12/2017 Awarded    
 062-17SB Quest ActiveRoles10/17/2017 Awarded 10/18/2017  CDW-G$20,482.20 
 061-17SR Sheriff's Safety Equipment8/15/2017 Awarded 9/5/2017 Galls$51,040.00 
 060-17SR CAT Equipment Parts8/8/2017 Awarded 8/9/2017  NC Machinery$38,166.37 
 059-17SBServers8/8/2017 Awarded  8/17/2017 Rack Simple$39,995.00 
 058-17DW Body Armor8/8/2017 Awarded  8/14/2017 LN Curtis and Sons$14,194.08 
 057-17SR Airfield Lighting & Service8/21/2017  Awarded
 8/21/2017 Airside Solutions$398,943.95 
 056-17DWDrug Testing Kits8/5/20017 Awarded 8/15/2017  Pharmatech$91,600.00 
 055-17SB Satori MailRoom Architect 8/8/2017No Award
 054-17SB Bluebeam Software 8/1/2017Awarded
8/14/2017  The PPI Group$24,874.75 
 053-17SB Backup Recovery Appliance8/8/2017 Awarded  8/21/2017 CDW-G$166,014.90 
 051-17SB Detention Pipe System 8/1/2017    
 050-17DW Backhoe Services8/8/2017 Awarded  9/18/2017 JAG Corporation$108,000 
 049-17SR Shower Pan Maint7/8/20 Awarded  7/19/2017 Miracle Method$11,250 
 048-17DW Fire Systems Maintenance7/3/2017 Awarded  8/11/2017 NW Fire Systems$78,91.54 
047-17DWDrives for Air Handling Units (AHU)6/27/17Awarded 7/24/2017 Carrier Commercial Services$22,919.00 
046-17DWBomb Disposal Suits6/15/17Awarded6/19/2017  Med-Eng, LLC$69,113.19 
045-17SBRouters6/8/17Awarded 6/12/17Pyramid Technology Services$24,413.74
044-17DFLake Stickney Park Improvements - Phase 16/27/17Awarded6/30/2017  Matia Contractors, INC$1,008,825.17 
 043-17SBPalo Alto Hardware and support7/27/17 Awarded
7/31/2017 Network Computing Architects, INC$59,157.82 
042-17SBServers6/6/17Awarded6/12/17 Server Monkey$32,100
041-17DWBomb Disposal Suits5/23/17No Award Re-bid as 046-17DW 
040-17SR Weatherization Assistance Program6/13/17 Awarded8/3/2017  Green Built NW, LLC$40,000 
039-17SRMechanical Inspection, Service & Repair, Weatherization Assistance Program6/13/17No Response   
038-17DFComputers, Desktop Towers5/18/17Awarded6/7/17 Insight Public Sector$39,508.98
037-17SBData Counter, Parks Trails5/16/17Awarded6/6/17 A & P Chambers$27,896
036-17DFLaptop Computers5/16/17Awarded5/16/17Dell$125,568
035-17SRVegetative Disaster Debris Processing6/6/17Awarded6/15/17 Lenz Enterprises 
034-17DW 2017 Stormwater Facility Retrofit Projects5/18/17No Award Thomco Construction, Inc.$827,978
033-17SRSlope Mower, Remote Controlled5/9/17Awarded 5/22/17Evatech, Inc.$25,000
032-17DWGenerators4/25/17Awarded5/5/17 Cummins, Inc.$74,875 
031-17DW 240th St SE Railroad Crossing Improvements5/9/17No Award All bids exceed budget 
030-17SRUsed Oil Collection Services4/27/17Awarded5/1/17 Emerald Environmental$0.10 per gal
(paid by County)
029-17DWHigh Friction Surface Treatment5/30/17Awarded6/7/17 DeAngelo Brothers, LLC$907,794.75
027-17DFPavement Repairs & Sealcoat at Multiple Sites6/29/17Bid Tab   
026-17DW2017 County Overlay & ADA Program4/2/17Awarded5/17/17 Lakeside Industries, Inc.$9,952,170.46
025-17SRPaint, Acrylic Waterborne Traffic Line Paint4/6/17Awarded4/12/17Alpine Products, Inc.$352,000
024-17SBData Counter, Parks Trails 4/11/17No Response   
023-17DWGenerators3/28/17No Award   
022-17SBNUC PC Components & Accessories3/16/17Awarded3/29/17JPK Micros Supply$350,000 - $400,000
021-17SRBituminous Surface Coverstone3/9/17Awarded3/15/17Cemex$206,725
020-17DWFleet Services Space Revision3/14/17No Award   
019-17SRToner & Ink3/9/17Awarded5/8/17The Office Pal (Sched1)
TIC Express (Sched 2&3)
New Leaf Office Solutions (Lowest local overall bidder)
017-17SRMetal Sign Posts & Related Items2/28/17AwardedTBD Zumar Industries, Inc.$71,407.50
016-17SRParts Washer, Front Load Automatic2/28/17Awarded3/21/17CUDA$60,181
015-17SRPublication of SnoCo Legal Notices3/14/17Awarded4/5/17The Daily Herald$7.54 per single column inch
014-17DWSmith Island Estuary Restoration Phase 25/2/17Awarded 4/26/17Orion Marine Contractors, Inc.$2,756,135.30
013-17SRTaxiway B & North Ramp Taxilane Reconstruction3/30/17Awarded6/28/2017Interwest Construction, Inc.$15,001,483.15
012-17DFEvergreen State Fairgrounds Restroom Renovation3/9/17Awarded 3/15/17Wittenberg Enterprises, Inc.237,837.60
011-17SRPress-On Solid Rubber Tires & Rims for Wheel Loaders2/23/17Awarded2/28/17Setco, Inc.$29,687.12
010-17DFFlowing Lake Campground Expansion3/7/17AwardedTBD Glacier Environmental Services$230,000
009-17DFSiteKiosk Licenses, Support & Upgrades2/14/17No Response   
008-17DFInterlocking Rubber Horse Stall Mats2/2/17Awarded 2/9/17Linear Rubber Products, Inc.$22,198.84
007-17DWTasers and Accessories2/14/17 Awarded   Taser International$411,549.60 
006-17DFKayak Point Campground Improvements1/24/17 Awarded TBD Interwest Construction, Inc.$477,000
005-17SBWenberg Boat Launch & Restoration7/11/17  No award   
004-17SRCatch Basin Frames, Grates & Lids1/31/17Awarded2/1/17 Olympic Foundry, Inc.$16,080
003-17SRUsed Oil Collection Services2/14/17No Response   
002-17SRSign Posts, Cedar1/24/17Awarded1/25/17 Kennedy-Johnson Lumber, Inc.$50,293
001-17DWMachias Cutoff & Williams Rd Intersection Improvements2/16/17Awarded3/8/17Colacurcio Brothers Construction$1,083,554
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Submittal Postings

Only the vendor names of the submittals received will be available on this page for proposals and qualification submittals. Click on the "In Evaluation" link to get a list of responders.

 RFP-57-17SB ITSM1/17/2018    
 RFP-52-17SB Sponsorship Recruitment Services11/30/2017    
 RFP-48-17SB AVST12/13/2017  In Evaluation  
 RFP-47-17SB Regional Destination Development, Promotion12/15/2017  In Evaluation  
 RFP-45-17SB Grandstand Entertainment, ESF11/8/2017    
 RFP-44-17SB Public Private Partnership1/31/2018  In Evaluation  
 RFP-42-17DWCopiers & MFD's 10/20/2017 Intent to Award   
 RFP-41-17 Executive Search (SERS)9/29/2017    
 RFP-40-17 Pharmacy Dispensing Machine9/22/2017    
 RFP-39-17DW Commissary Services10/9/2017    
 RFP-38-17SB Sattelite Imagery  Cancelled  
 RFP-37-17SB ITIL Training8/31/2017  In Evaluation  
 RFP-36-17DW Viconnet Upgrade & Maintenance8/14/2017  Awarded 9/27/2017 Argyle Security
 RFP-34-17DW MRO Supplies Will Call.As Needed    
 RFP-33-17DW Administration for Self Insured Medical8/25/2017   7/28/2017 Cordant Health
 RFP-32-17SB Sponsorship Services, ESF9/13/2017  In Evaluation  
 RFP-31-17DW Compensation Study6/31/2017    
 RFP-29-17DW Limnology5/19/2017    
 RFP-28-17 ERP Analysis Services5/19/2017    
 RFP-27-17DW SSODA5/31/2017    
RFP-26-17DWJuvenile Court Coordination of Services (COS)5/26/17In Evaluation  
RFP-25-17DWJuvenile Court Functional Family Therapy (FFT)5/26/17In Evaluation  
RFP-24-17DWDrug & Alcohol Testing & Collection5/12/17In Evaluation  
RFP-23-17DWHuman Capital Measurement Assessment4/28/17In Evaluation 
RFP-22-17DW Limnology Laboratory Services4/24/17    
RFP-21-17SRCommercial Real Estate Brokerage Services for Airport5/12/17In Evaluation  
RFP-20-17DWVideo Visitation System Upgrade & Inmate Tablet Program3/19/17In Evaluation  
RFP-19-17SRFood Hub Feasibility Study5/15/17Awarded5/26/2017Community Attributes, Inc.
RFP-18-17DWSurface Water Management Utility Business Plan3/20/17In Evaluation  
 RFP-17-17DW SNOPAC 911 Facility Assessment4/26/17  Awarded5/25/17 Ross Drulis Cusenbery
RFP-16-17DWBottled Water Delivery Service3/10/17Awarded 3/31/2017DS Services of America, Inc.; Mountain Mist
RFP-15-17DWStrategic Planning Services3/13/17Awarded 6/7/17Milepost Consulting, Inc.
RFP-14-17DWHuman Resources Assessment3/3/17 Intent to Award TBD
RFP-13-17DWNeuromuscular Incapacitation Devices (NMI)3/10/17 Intent to Award TBDAxon Enterprises (previously TASER International, Inc.)
RFP-12-17DWJanitorial Services3/17/17Awarded 12/20/2017 Action Cleaning Services
 RFP-11-17DF Functional Testing3/5/2018  7/21/2017  
RFP-10-17DWElevator Consulting Service3/7/17Cancelled  
 RFP-09-17DFPublic Private Partnership for Snohomish County Parks3/30/17  Intent to Award  
RFP-07-17DWSolid Waste Receiving, Transport & Disposal Services4/19/17In Evaluation  
RFP-06-17DFSecure On-Site Shredding Service2/16/17In Evaluation  
RFP-05-17DWAdaptive Signal Control2/27/17In Evaluation  
 RFQ-04-17SB Interpretive Material Planning7/21/17  In Evaluation  
RFQ-03-17DW Juvenile Court Chemical Dependency Disposition Alternative Treatment (CDDA)5/8/17In Evaluation  
RFP-03-17DFWetland Mitigation Banking Credits2/28/17In Evaluation  
RFQ-02-17SRSanitary Sewer Engineering Services for County Airport; On-Call5/11/17Intent to Award TBDRH2 Engineering
RFP-02-17DWJail Advertising Services1/27/17Awarded 3/13/2017Jail Advertising Network
RFQ-01-17DWConstruction Inspection Services3/6/17Awarded 5/17/17KBA, Inc.
RFP-01-17DWMRO Supplies & Stocking Services3/10/17Intent to Award  
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