Meadowdale Beach and Estuary Restoration Project


This project entails removing 128 linear feet of railroad embankment (shoreline armoring) along with the 6-foot wide culvert and installing a 5-span railroad bridge with a 100-foot opening to address ADA accessibility, beach access, fish passage, flooding, sediment delivery and maintenance issues associated with the undersized culvert. This project will restore a historic (pre-railroad) 1.3-acre estuary that will provide essential rearing habitat for ESA-listed Chinook (threatened), Chum, and Coho salmon as well as Cutthroat trout; and restore nearshore processes key to Puget Sound recovery. Additional habitat and stream enhancement will occur upstream of the estuary and a second footbridge will be installed to provide viewing platform of fish migration. Recreation components include a foot-wash, and picnic and bench viewpoints of the beach, estuary and Lund’s Gulch Creek. The existing portable restroom enclosure will be relocated out of the floodway and the ADA-parking will be brought up to current standards.

Lunds Gulch Creek Culvert under BNSF Railroad

Meadowdale Tunnel


  • Plans, Specifications and Cost Estimate – 100%

  • Permits Received: 

    • Army Corps of Engineers Nationwide Permits 14, 27, 42;

    • Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife Hydraulic Project Application;

    • Shoreline Substantial Development; 

    • Shoreline Conditional Use, Snohomish County Flood Hazard, Land Disturbance Activity Permit;

    • Commercial Building Permit for Restroom Enclosure; 

    • Commercial Building Permit for Pedestrian Bridge Abutments; 

    • Critical Area Site Plans (3) recorded

  • SEPA: Determination of Non-Significance (DNS) issued: May 29, 2019

  • NEPA: Categorical Exemption (Federal Rail Admin) issued March 2, 2020; Under review by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

  • The County was successful at receiving $500K from Aquatic Lands Enhancement Account, $950K from the Estuary and Salmon Restoration Program, $800K from Salmon Recovery Funding Board and $3.5M from the U.S.D.O.T Consolidated Rail Infrastructure and Safety Improvement fund (see Herald Article posted below). 

  • The County is continuing to pursue construction funding including a request for $25K from the Utilities and Transportation Commission.

  • Permits Needed Prior to Construction Outstanding: Washington State Department of Ecology Construction Stormwater Permit

  • Permits to be Issued During Construction: City of Edmonds Haul Permit/Right-of-way Use Permit; Electrical permit; Demolition permit; Commercial Building Permit for Pedestrian Bridge

  • BNSF/County Underpass Agreement – Under review by BNSF; anticipated execution date: January 2021


  • Advertise, Bid, Award: The anticipated advertisement date is January 6, 2021 with anticipated bid opening February 9, 2021 with award to follow
  • Construction Period: mid-March 2021 – fall 2022 and extend through fall 2021
  • Park Closure: There will be no beach/ADA access during construction.
    • Hike-in access only from main parking lot (156th St SW) to approx. location of Ranger Residence with no portable restroom facilities available along or at the bottom of the trail; 

    • Limited vehicle access (County, Contractor, and Resident) and no walk-in access from 75th Place West; 

    • No kayak beach camping will be permitted during construction. If construction is suspended during extended periods of unsuitable weather or other conditions, temporary public access may be provided.

*Schedule subject to change based on budget process, BNSF approval and permitting


  • Estimated total Construction Cost - $15M
  • Grants received: $6.6M
    • Washington Wildlife Recreation Program (WWRP) - Water Access Grant - $500,000; 
    • Aquatic Lands Enhancement Account (ALEA) Grant - $500,000; 
    • Salmon Recovery Funding Board (SRFB) Grant - $800,000; 
    • Estuary Salmon and Restoration Program Grant - $1,000,000; 
    • Federal Rail Administration Consolidated Rail Infrastructure Safety Improvement (FRA/CRISI) Grant - $3,500,000; 
    • National Oceanic Atmosphere Administration Coastal and Marine Habitat Restoration Grant - $300,000;
    • County (REET/Councilmatic Bonds) - $8.4M


  • Presented project update to Snohomish County Marine Resources Committee June 19, 2019
  • Construction Haul Route Public Meeting – February 20, 2019
  • Snohomish County Marine Resources Committee May 20, 2020
  • Puget Sound Salmon Recovery Council September 24, 2020 


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Contact Person: 

Logan Daniels, P.E., Parks Engineer
Snohomish County Parks & Recreation
Email Logan Daniels
Phone: 425-388-6619