Sky Valley Shooting Park


Sky Valley Shooting Park is an undeveloped, county owned piece of property in east Snohomish County near the City of Sultan, just off of the Sultan Basin Road. The property is approximately 146 acres fronting on the Sultan Basin Road and surrounded by Department of Natural Resources Land. This park is intended to be developed into a multi-purpose shooting range and will be managed through a public-private or public-nonprofit partnership.

The property is currently owned by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) but is slated to be reconveyed to Snohomish County, immediately following a timber harvest, for development into a multi-purpose shooting range, managed through a public-private partnership. The property is approximately 640 acres on the Sultan Basin Road and surrounded by other DNR land. The selected site will be reconveyed to Parks following the harvesting of the timber fall/winter of 2020/2021.


The selected site will be reconveyed to Parks following the harvesting of the timber fall/winter of 2020/2021.


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The County’s 1986 Comprehensive Park and Recreation Plan first notes provision of a shooting facility as a long-term goal. This goal is continued in the County’s 2001 and 2007 Comprehensive Park and Recreation Plans as well as the 2015 Park and Recreation Element.


A feasibility study for a shooting range on several sites in the County was completed by a consulting firm in July of 1994.  This study indicated that the Sultan Basin site was most feasible for a shooting range.  Between 1997 and 2002 an extensive public outreach process was conducted which culminated in a Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) in April 2002. As part of the EIS, a number of studies were completed, however due to the passage of time, conditions may have changed requiring some of these studies to be re-done.


Snohomish County staff began working in 2002 with State DNR staff to initiate the reconveyance of the Sultan Basin Road property. The reconveyance of this site, for the purpose of a recreational shooting range, was completed in December 2011. 


Since December 2011, Park Department staff has met multiple times with proponents and opponents of the proposed shooting range. It is clear there is strong support and vocal opposition to the development of a public shooting range.


Proceeding with the goal of developing a shooting park, a team led by Bruce Dees and Associates, L.L.C. was selected through a Request for Qualifications process (RFQ No. 10-13) to develop a master plan for the site that lays out the desired elements of a multi-use shooting park to maximize the usage of the site while protecting environmentally sensitive area and leaving appropriate buffers to reduce sound impacts on the surrounding properties. The RFQ was issued July 29, 2013 and two teams of consultants responded.  The Statements of Qualifications were evaluated by a committee of three people and the team of Bruce Dees and Associates, L.L.C. was selected on September 5, 2013 as the best team for this project. The selection was approved by the Snohomish County Purchasing Department.


In the early stages of design, during the Critical Area Study, a very large and high quality wetland was evaluated in the middle of the property which effectively made the selected site unsuitable for a shooting range. Contracted design work was halted while Parks worked with DNR to select a different parcel. The contract time ran out before a replacement parcel could be identified. In late 2019, Parks and DNR identified a new parcel, across the road from the original one, and has verified that this property is much more suited for use as a shooting range.