Auto Theft (SNOCAT)

Snohomish County Auto Theft Task Force - SNOCAT

In 2018, the task force recovered 174 stolen vehicles worth over $1.58M in value and filed 128 charges for vehicle theft.

The Snohomish County Auto Theft Task Force (SNOCAT) is funded by a grant from the Washington Auto Theft Prevention Authority. The task force consists of detectives from the Marysville Police Department, Snohomish County Sheriff's Office, and Washington State Patrol, as well as a prosecutor from the Snohomish County Prosecutor's Office. The purpose of SNOCAT is to reduce vehicle theft in Snohomish County through pro-active enforcement efforts, apprehension of criminals who steal vehicles, and increasing public awareness of and education about auto theft.

Last year, 2,706 vehicles were reported stolen in Snohomish County. Nearly half of all auto theft is due to owner error. Here are 8 quick tips to help prevent auto theft:

  1. Always lock your car.
  2. Close and lock all windows.
  3. Hide any valuables. If you can’t remove them, cover them.
  4. Never hide a spare key on your car – thieves know how to find them.
  5. Park in well-lit area – in a garage, if possible (and be sure the garage is locked).
  6. Never leave your car while it’s running – if you start it, stay with it.
  7. If you see something suspicious – like someone peering into parked cars or trying door handles – call 911.
  8. Use an anti-theft device – especially if your car is on the National Insurance Crime Bureau Top 10 list