Local Infrastructure Project Bonds (LIP) 

A number of completed Snohomish County projects will make it easier for people to get around their neighborhood, to schools, shopping areas and other neighborhoods.The projects included building and repairing sidewalks; widening road shoulders for walking and bicycling; upgrading ADA ramps; and installing crosswalks, traffic signals, and pedestrian-operated beacons.

Projects Completed Using LIP Funding

3rd Ave SE - 130th St SESideway - 100% designComplete
35th Ave SEPedestrian improvementsComplete
39th Ave SESidewalk from 220th St SE to 221st Pl SEComplete
51st Ave SESidewalk near Seattle Hill ElemComplete
84th St NE/115th Ave NEIntersection improvement - 60% design report and right of way planComplete
Bev Park Rd & Gibson RdTraffic SignalComplete
Cathcart Way & Puget Park DrTraffic SignalComplete
Centennial Middle SchoolPathway plus flashing beacon on S. Machias Rd. See photo of the new pathway here.Complete
Cougar Creek Elem SchoolDynamic Speed Signs on 11th Ave NEComplete
Discovery Elem SchoolSchool Crossing Upgrade on Meridian Ave SComplete
Elgin WaySidewalkComplete
Fairmont Elem SchoolDynamic speed signs on Bev-Park RdComplete
Jefferson Elem. SchoolSidewalk along Cadet WayComplete
Jefferson Elem. SchoolFlashing beacon & asphalt padComplete
Maltby Elem SchoolShoulder improvements to 99th Ave SEComplete
Manor Way5' shoulder connecting 164th St SW to 156th St S and
60% design plans for future road section (two-way left turn, bike lanes, sidewalk)
Mariner High SchoolSidewalk on Meridian Ave SComplete
North Creek Trail90% design plan and right of way acquisitionComplete
Olivia Park Elem SchoolWalkway on 108th St SWComplete
Picnic Pt Elem SchoolCurb ramp replacements at 60th Ave W/140th St SW and two school drivewaysComplete
Tulalip SchoolsDynamic speed signs on 27th Ave NEComplete
Voyager Middle SchoolDynamic speed signs on 4th Ave WComplete