Septic Systems

The Problem

Septic systems are designed to treat harmful sewage pathogens in the ground which protects your family and pets. However, if not properly maintained, septic systems can lead to untreated sewage leaking into both your yard and groundwater. This can:

  • Spread harmful pathogens that cause disease
  • Contaminate drinking water wells
  • Pollute nearby lakes and streams with phosphorus that promotes algae growth

An estimated 78,000 homes rely on septic systems to treat their sewage in Snohomish County. Since septic systems are often out of sight and out of mind, many people may unknowingly have systems that pose a threat to their health and nearby lakes or streams.

The Solution

With proper care and maintenance, your system can keep on running for years to come and protect the health of your local lake. LakeWise properties:

  • Have an inspection by a licensed provider within the past 3 years,
  • Commit to having inspections at least every three years (system type determines frequency), and
  • Attend a FREE septic system care workshop
Evaluating Septic Tank

Caring for Your Septic System

Take these few steps to ensure your septic system keeps running properly for years to come:

  • Step 1. Look Up Your Septic System Type and Records
  • Step 2. Practice Proper Septic System Care and Maintenance
  • Step 3. Attend An Upcoming Septic Care Workshop
For more information on how to care for your septic system, click here.