Adult Panoram & Employees


Adult panoram means any premises where an adult panoram device is located and to which members of the public are admitted. "Panoram," "preview," "picture arcade," "adult arcade device," "panoram device," or "peep show" means any device which, for payment of a fee, membership fee, or other charge, is used to exhibit or display a picture, or view other graphic display of adult entertainment.

Panoram device means the portion of any panoram premises in which panoram equipment is located and from which the panoram picture, view, or graphic display is to be viewed.

Employee means all persons who work in or at or render any services directly related to the operation of an adult panoram premises regardless of whether that person meets the criteria of a statutory employee, common law employee, or independent contractor.


Any individual or business in unincorporated Snohomish County meeting the definition must obtain a sexually oriented adult arcade business or an adult panoram employee license prior to offering adult entertainment. These licenses are annual licenses and must be renewed yearly. Applicants must appear with current photo identification and four color passport pictures, 2 inches by 2 inches, taken within the last six months.


Adult Panoram

Requirement Fee
Legal Advertisement $25
License Fee $265
Panoram Device $125


Requirement Fee
Criminal Background Check (Per Applicant) $11
Fingerprint Fee $17
License Fee $115