Inspirational Videos

Includes a variety of videos that promote inclusion, supported employment, transition from high school, and self advocacy.


  1. Habib (creator of the documentary films Including Samuel and Who Cares About Kelsey?) used his 18-minute TEDx talk to make a powerful case for ending the systemic segregation of students with disabilities.

Social Capital

  1. Al Condeluci at TEDx - Social Capital and the Power of Relationships
    (19 minute video)


  1. Includes tips from parents and self advocates in Snohomish County on preparing for life after school    (15 minute Video)

    Transition Video with Spanish Subtitles

Celebrating Abilities

  1. Celebrating Developmental Disabilities, produced by Informing Families (0:59 minute video)

Self Advocacy - Tyler

  1. Tyler is a typical high school student who happens to have cerebral palsy. He has taken on a mission to educate the world about Ability Awareness. He believes that what a person, any person, CAN do is much more important than what he/she can't. (12 minute Video)


  1. Nova Scotia filmmaker, Scott Anderson, hopes his new film featuring his son, Max, and daughter, Libby, will help end stigma and misunderstandings around developmental disabilities. View the powerful video, I Love Grilled Cheese.