Adult Entertainers, Managers & Adult Entertainment Dance Studios


Adult entertainer means any person who provides live adult entertainment within an adult entertainment dance studio.

Manager means any person who manages, directs, administers, or is in charge of the affairs and/or the conduct of any portion of any activity involving adult entertainment occurring at any premises offering adult entertainment.

Adult entertainment dance studio means any premises to which any member of the public is invited or admitted and where adult entertainment is provided on a regular basis as a substantial part of the premises activity.


Any individual or business in unincorporated Snohomish County meeting the definition must obtain an adult entertainer, manager, or adult entertainment dance studio license prior to offering adult entertainment. These licenses are annual licenses and must be renewed yearly. Applicants must appear with current photo identification and four color passport pictures, 2 inches by2 inches, taken within the last six months.


Adult Entertainer & Manager

Requirement Fee
Criminal Background Check (Per Applicant) $11
Fingerprint Fee $17
License Fee $55

Adult Entertainment Dance Studio

Requirement Fee
Legal Advertisement $25
License Fee $350