Pack It In, Pack It Out

Did you know that the 4.7 million Snohomish Parks visitors leave as much as 346 TONS of garbage in Snohomish County Parks each year?! That's a lot of garbage, and a lot more garbage than our parks need. Garbage takes a lot of time and money to manage- time and money that could be spent making our parks even better!

If visitors brought the garbage they generated home with them, instead of disposing it in park garbage cans and dumpsters, we could recycle more waste, keep our parks cleaner, and better use Parks resources to keep our Parks great!

This year Snohomish County Parks are undergoing a change. There will be a reduction in the number of garbage cans serviced by Parks staff, but an increase in dumpster capacity. Visitors can still dispose of garbage at the Parks, but they will have to travel further to do so. Even better, visitors can support their parks by planning ahead and bringing any waste from the park back home to recycle or dispose of. They're our parks, let's take care of them together! 

Pack It In, Pack It Out, and Recycle at Home!

Pack It In, Pack It Out Fact Sheet (PDF)