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Investigative Checklists The Investigative Checklists are in PDF format and may be downloaded for Law Enforcement's assistance.
Please note that the 
General Requirements section from each specific checklist has been eliminated; therefore,
the General Requirements checklist, the first listed 
below, should be used in conjunction with each specific crime
For most of these crimes, we have added an elements section, written like a "to convict", a parsing of
the statutory language. We feel that the items required 
under the Specific Requirements or Specific
Considerations make more sense when 
viewed in conjunction with the statutory elements, defenses,
and definitions of 
certain legal terms. If you have questions or comments regarding the checklists,
please call the 
Snohomish County Prosecutor's Office (425) 388- 3333.

Investigative Protocols  View the Snohomish County Investigation protocols (updated March 1, 2012)