File County Official, Candidate, and Lobbyist Reports

The Snohomish County Code of Ethics (SCC 2.50) requires certain individuals to file financial information and activity reports each year with the Snohomish County Recording Division. Individuals who are not subject to this requirement must still follow applicable state reporting mandates.

Appointed Snohomish County Officials

Appointed Snohomish County Officials are required to file a Statement of Financial and Other Interests with the Snohomish County Recording Division each year by April 15th. Appointed officials include:

  • Chief deputies of any elected official
  • Department directors, executive directors, quasi-judicial officers and others appointed by the executive or county council
  • The members of the planning commission, the board of equalization, the boundary review board, and the ethics commission

Use the form below to file the Statement of Financial and Other Interests with Snohomish County Recording.

Statement of Financial and Other Interests Form (PDF)

Snohomish County Elected Officials and Candidates

Snohomish County elected officials and candidates for elected office must follow PDC rules on filing certain forms and reports.Find more information at the PDC.

Snohomish County no longer requires duplicate copies of the Financial Affairs Disclosure (F-1) be filed with the Snohomish County Recording Division for elected officials. In addition, campaign finance reports and committee reports (C1 – C7) are no longer required to be filed with the Snohomish County Recording Division. 

Lobbyists to Snohomish County

Lobbyists must file an L-1 Lobbyist Registration Form (PDF) with Snohomish County Recording within 30 days of becoming a lobbyist to Snohomish County. Registered lobbyists must also file an L-2 Lobbyist Expenditure Report (PDF) with Snohomish County Recording semi-annually. Lobbyists that lobby on issues beyond Snohomish County should consult the PDC (Public Disclosure Commission) for further requirements.

File with Snohomish County Recording

There is no fee for filing forms and reports required by the Snohomish County Code of Ethics.

By mail

Submit documents to:

Snohomish County Auditor’s Office — Recording Division

3000 Rockefeller Ave M/S 204

Everett, WA 98201

By email

Email a PDF copy to the Recording Division: