Fleet Services

2011 Western Washington Clean Cities Hall of Fame Award

  • Awarded by: Clean Cities Coalition and Puget Sound Clean Air
  • Description: First award from Clean Cities for leadership as a fleet manager promoting alternative fuels in Snohomish County, support of Clean Cities Coalition as a steering committee member, and commitment to reducing the use of petroleum fuel and creating a cleaner, healthier environment for residents of the State of Washington.
  • Project manager: Allen Mitchell

2011 Sustainability All-Stars Award

  • Awarded by: Green Fleet Magazine, Bobit Business Media
  • Description: Snohomish County was nominated by the magazine itself as being one of the best in sustainable fleet management for retrofitting with diesel oxidation catalysts, and fleetwide biodiesel use.
  • Project manager: Allen Mitchell

2010, 2009, 2008 & 2007 Government Green Fleet Award 100 Best Fleets in North America

  • Awarded by: 100 Best Fleets
  • Description: This program has been in existence for seven years and recognizes peak performing fleet operations in North America based on a number of criteria, including accountability, technology implementation, resource stewardship and competitive pricing. In 2010, Snohomish County ranked 30th, its highest ranking ever.
  • Project manager: Allen Mitchell

2009 Environmental Leaders Award

  • Awarded by: Government Fleet Magazine, Bobit Business Media
  • Description: Snohomish County is one of 20 national fleets recognized for national environmental leadership.
  • Project manager: Allen Mitchell

2009 Environmental Leadership Award - Public Sector

  • Awarded by: Automotive Fleet Magazine
  • Description: Recognized for commitment and vision yielding significant eco-responsible initiatives.
  • Project manager: Allen Mitchell

2009 NAFA Green Fleet Award

  • Awarded by: National Association of Fleet Administrators, Inc.
  • Description: One of 4 national fleets awarded the first NAFA Green Fleet Award
  • Project manager: Allen Mitchell

2009 3-Star Certification

  • Awarded by: The Evergreen Fleets Initiative, Puget Sound Clean Cities
  • Description: Certification is awarded for achieving stringent standards of environmental excellence in fleet management practices.
  • Project manager: Allen Mitchell
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