General Tax Information

Tax Due Dates

  • First half taxes are due April 30
  • Second half taxes are due October 31

Mail processing of payments may take until May 15th for the first half and November 15th for the second half due to heavy volumes. Please be patient.

Name or Address Changes

Is your name and address correct? Did you acquire property by purchase, inheritance, or divorce? Pay off your mortgage? Move?

Name and address changes may be made in any of the following ways:

Tax Payment Options

Please take a moment to view or convenient tax payment options.

Tax Statements are Mailed to the Property Taxpayer of Record

We send tax statements to all taxpayers of record, whether the taxes are remitted by you or by your mortgage company.

If your taxes are remitted by a mortgage company or other tax service company, the tax statement you receive in the mail is for informational purposes only.

This statement may be useful when reporting real estate taxes paid to the Internal Revenue Service.

Death of a Taxpayer

You may be eligible for an interest and penalty waiver (PDF). Contact the Snohomish County Treasurer's Office at 425-388-3366 for additional information.

Senior Citizen or Disabled Person

You may be eligible for a tax reduction. Please refer to the back of your tax statement to determine eligibility or you may contact the Snohomish County Assessor's Office at 425-388-3540 for additional information.

The Treasurer’s office will give a grace period for seniors and qualifying disability renewal applications for property tax exemptions.


Once the exemption renewal is approved by the Assessor’s office and sent to the Treasurer’s office we will recalculate the new tax fee and give the tax payer 30 days to pay the corrected amount without interest and penalty. 


If it is a new exemption application, the tax payer will need to pay the regular amount until the application is  approved and a refund check will be issued.

All questions regarding exemptions should first be referred to the Snohomish County Assessors Office at 425-388-3540.