Recorded Document Copy Fees

Standard documents (RCW 36.18.010)

Description of fee Fee
Copy of recorded document $1.00 / page
Copy of a non-recorded document (i.e. oath of office, ethics reports) $0.25 / page
Certification of a copy $2.00 / document

Marriage certificates

Description of fee Fee
Certified copy of a marriage certificate $3.00 / copy
Search fee for any marriage record prior to 1976
(only charged once per request)

Records of monument (land corners) (SCC 4.32.040)

Description of fee Fee
First page $2.00
Each additional page or side of the same document $1.00 /  page

18-inch by 24-in maps

Map Type Fee
Blueline / blackline copies, first page $5.00 
Each additional page of the same survey or plat $3.00 / page

Other services

Service description Fee
Search of records (RCW 36.18.010) $8.00 / hour

UCC search and copy fees

Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) research requests are submitted on a state UCC-11R certificate of information form or a county UCC-22R form. The search fee is $8.00 per name and $1.00 per page for copies. This is an "exact" name search, which encompasses five years. Exact names do not apply to dba, aka, or different versions of names, (example Smith Company Inc and Smith Company Corporation). If requesting copies, an option may be to submit a check for a "not to exceed" amount in addition to the search fee.

Request images via ftp or on CD

Bulk images are available upon request. Fees are $0.06 per image plus any media, shipping, and handling costs. Ftp service is the preferred method of delivery. Please contact the recording supervisor at 425-388-3055 for more information and a request form.