Juvenile Court

The Denney Juvenile Justice Center exists to serve the youth of Snohomish County in a variety of venues.

Dependency Court

Juvenile Dependency Court operates to serve families with children (ages 0-18) who have pending allegations of abuse and neglect filed with the Court by Child Protective Services.

Denney Juvenile Justice Center

Detention Services

Our detention services professionals provide youth with a safe environment to serve secure confinement imposed for illegal activity or non-compliance with court ordered expectations.

Drug Treatment Court

Juvenile Offender Drug Treatment Court operates alongside the juvenile offender court system. It focuses on youth who are struggling with chemical dependency and abuse issues.

Probation Services

The Juvenile Probation Services Department embraces a model of community supervision that focuses on assessing youth and the use of evidence-based practices or programs.

Truancy Court

Truancy / At-Risk Youth (ARY) / Child in Need of Services (CHINS) Courts are services offered by the Court to address non-criminal behavior.