ADA Facilities - Transition Plan and Self Evaluation

Transition Plan

Public Works has completed a transition plan outlining the budget, resources, and schedule to remove barriers to pedestrian facility access. The plan has been combined with the Self-Evaluation Study and is available below.

Self-Evaluation Study

Public Works completed an ADA self-evaluation of its pedestrian facilities in the public right-of-way in regards to its compliance with federal, state, and local government requirements. The self-evaluation study for the removal of barriers to accessibility was completed in May 2017.

Self-evaluation documents:

Cover image of Mobility Without Barriers Study

ADA Pedestrian Facility Web Map

Snohomish County has a new ADA Pedestrian Facility Web Map. Viewers can explore Public Works' entire accessibility inventory of curb ramps, sidewalks, push buttons and transit bus stops to see which ones are ADA compliant and which ones have yet to be upgraded. Viewers can search by street address and/or pan and zoom in to see where facilities are located.

The web map shows which pedestrian facilities will be upgraded to ADA compliance for each year for the next 12 years and shows which barriers have already been removed from the public right-of-way.

Viewers can also determine which pedestrian facilities were constructed to comply with the requirements of the ADA to the maximum extent feasible (MEF) due to an existing physical constraint that made full compliance infeasible. All MEFs were approved by the Public Works ADA Coordinator.