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County Council

The Snohomish County Council is the legislative authority for the county. The five members of the council are elected to four-year terms. Each member represents a specific geographic district.


Council Duties

The council’s duties include identifying and articulating the needs of the citizens of Snohomish County, and providing a framework for county administration to carry out its work efficiently, ensuring that county government responds effectively to the community’s needs. The county council adopts and enacts ordinances, resolutions, and motions; levies taxes; appropriates revenue; and adopts budgets for the county. The council confirms nominations to county boards and commissions and has concurrent authority with the county executive to nominate members to the Snohomish County Planning Commission. The council also appoints the hearing examiner.


Council Committees

Public Works and Infrastructure Committee (fka Public Works Committee)

  • Committee Chair: Councilmember Low

  • Committee Vice-Chair: Councilmember Wright

Planning & Community Development Committee

  • Committee Chair: Councilmember Nehring

  • Committee Vice-Chair: Councilmember Dunn

Law & Justice/Human Services Committee

  • Committee Chair: Councilmember Mead

  • Committee Vice-Chair: Councilmember Low

Conservation, Sustainability and Recreation Committee (fka Operations Committee)

  • Committee Chair: Councilmember Dunn

  • Committee Vice-Chair: Councilmember Mead

Finance and Economic Development Committee

  • Committee Chair: Councilmember Wright

  • Committee Vice-Chair: Councilmember Nehring

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