Requesting Public Records

How Can I Find a Snohomish County Public Record?

Looking for a commonly requested record? Please visit our Public Records Home Page. Many public records are currently available on the County's website.

How Do I Submit a Request?

1. Use the Public Records Request Portal
2. Use Form 1: Request for Inspection or Copy. You may email the form or print out, fill it in, and send it by USPS mail or fax (425-388-3985).

3. Email the Public Records Officer directly with your records request.

4. Contact a Public Records Specialist for the department where you think the records might be held. (They may refer you back to the Public Records Officer, if that department does not hold those records. The Public Records Officer will then determine the appropriate department for the request.) 

What Should I include in My Request?

Include as much information as you have available:
     • The date of your request 
     • Your contact information 
     • Description of the specific records requested 
     • Date range (starting date, ending date) of the records requested

If you submit a request without specific details, a Public Records Specialist may contact you to help clarify your request.

How Will the County Provide the Records to Me?

Depending on the record format, record content, and your preferences, the county may provide records in a variety of formats: 

     • In person
     • Paper copies
     • Electronic records on CDs/DVDs 
     • Electronic records via email attachments 
     • Electronic records using web site transfer (Box)
     • Electronic records via flash drive


When Can I Inspect Records?

The county provides public records for inspection during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, except for legal holidays
Snohomish County’s offices are located in the Robert J. Drewel Building at 
3000 Rockefeller Ave. 
Everett, WA 98201 
There is no charge for inspecting records.

The County charges for public records using the fee schedule authorized by RCW 42.56.120


 PRA Fee Schedule

This fee schedule applies to all requests submitted August 9, 2017, and later1

Paper copies

15 cents per page

Scanned copies

10 cents per page

Records uploaded to email, cloud-based storage, CD/DVD, or flash drive

5 cents each per every 4 electronic files or attachments

Records transmitted in electronic format

10 cents per gigabyte (GB)

Digital Storage Media Device (CD/DVD, flashdrive)

Actual Cost


Actual Cost


Actual Cost

Customized Service Charge

When the request would require the use of IT expertise to prepare data compilations or when such customized access services are not used by the agency for other business purposes. The agency may charge the actual cost. The agency must notify the requestor that it will be doing a customized service and can require a 10 percent deposit

      Examples:        Installment contains          327 scanned pages x 10 cents per page                $32.70
                                                                         79.84 MB                                                                   $0.00 
                                                                         68 electronic files / 4 = 17 x 5 cents                          $0.85 

                                                                         CD                                                                             $0.17 
                                                                         Envelope                                                                   $0.07 
                                                                         Postage                                                                     $1.12 
                                                                                                                                Total:                $34.91  

                     Installment contains         200 emails / 4 = 50 x 5 cents                                     $2.50

                                                              116,329 KB                                                                     $0.00                      







                                                                         Flashdrive                                                                       $4.38

                                                                         Envelope                                                                         $0.07

                                                                         Postage                                                                           $0.70


Total:                  $7.65


Snohomish County waives fees for production of records if production totals less than $1. Production of records does not include actual cost of digital storage media device, envelope, and postage. Snohomish County always charges actual costs of digital storage media device, envelope, and postage (if applicable).


 Adopted by Snohomish County Council on August 9, 2017. See Emergency Ordinance 17-055. 

Can I See All County Records?

No, Federal, State and/or county law restricts access to some records. The county may withhold restricted records in their entirety, or may "redact" (black out) part of a record depending on the statutory rules.

What About A List of Individuals?

If you request a public record that contains a list of individuals, you must submit Form 2: Declaration to Release List of Individuals verifying that the list of names will not be used for commercial purposes. Form 2 requires the following information:

      • The date of your request
      • Your contact information
      • Your signed oath not to use the information for commercial purposes

What Happens if I Don't Pick up the Requested Records?

You must claim or review the assembled records within 30 days after the county notifies you that the records are available for inspection, copying or mailing. If you fail to claim or review the records within the 30-day time period (or make other arrangements) the request will be closed.

Access to public records is provided in compliance with applicable local, state and federal laws. For further information, see the Public Records section of the Revised Code of Washington Chapters 42.56.001 through 42.56.903 and Chapter 2.51 of Snohomish County Code.