Public Records

How to file a Public Records Request

Snohomish County provides public records in compliance with all applicable laws. To obtain records, we recommend reviewing the Commonly Requested Records list below in case the records you seek are available without the need to file a public records request. Alternatively, you can submit a public records request through the Public Records Request Portal. When making your request please be as specific as possible so we can conduct a thorough and accurate search. If you have questions about how we process public records requests, please see our FAQs and procedures in the links to the left, or contact us via the information provided in the Contact List. Snohomish County recognizes that in some cases, requestors may encounter technical difficulties requiring a special accommodation on a request by request basis. In order to provide all requestors with the fullest assistance, we encourage you to contact us if you have technical difficulties with any of our processes. If there is a way we can assist you with a particular request, please let us know.

Obtaining Commonly Requested Records

In an effort to make frequently requested records conveniently accessible for the public, some records collections have been made available through expedited access methods provided under Snohomish County Code 2.51.060. To assist in your search for records, the tabs at the bottom of this page categorize and list records frequently requested from the County – and where available, expedited access methods have been described.

This list is not comprehensive, and many records are not made available online for a variety of reasons – such as the inclusion of confidential information or being too large for online publication. If the record you are seeking does not have an expedited access method or is not listed below, please note the department that holds the record and submit a Public Records Request through our Public Records Request Portal. Most records can be obtained in this way, though there are some exemptions to disclosure as determined by state and federal law.

If you do not find what you are seeking in the following list, you can also check our Department Description Guide (PDF) to get a better idea of the responsibilities and records held by each department.

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  1. Court Records
  2. Personal Records
  3. Licensing & Permitting
  4. Property Records
  5. Complaints & Violations
  6. Law Enforcement & Legal
  7. Codes & Legislation
  8. Taxes, Finances, Purchasing & Contracts
  9. Construction and Maintenance Projects

Court Records

Record Type Description Department
District Court Cases and Administrative Records District Court case records (including dockets, judgment and sentencing, motions, as well as records regarding the administration of the District Courts) are provided pursuant to Washington State Court General Rule GR 31* for Court Records and GR 31.1* Administrative Records respectively.
Submitting a Request
For information about requesting records from District Court, please visit District Court’s Records Request Website.
District Court
Superior & Juvenile Court Cases The Superior and Juvenile Court Clerk’s offices handle case records (including dockets, judgment and sentencing, motions, etc.) and are provided pursuant to GR 31*. For information about requesting records from Snohomish County Superior Court Clerk's Office, please visit their Court Records Information website. Clerk
Superior & Juvenile Court Administrative, Probation, and Detention Records Requests for access to administrative records maintained by Snohomish County Superior Court and Juvenile Court (including arbitration, probation, detention, etc.) are subject to the provisions of Washington State Court General Rule GR 31.1*.
Submitting a Request
For information about requesting Superior or Juvenile Court administrative records, please visit Superior Court's Records Request Website.
Superior Court Administration

*Case records are records that relate to in-court proceedings, including case files, dockets, calendars, and the like. Case records are not subject to the Public Records Act (the “PRA”), Chapter 42.56 of the Revised Code of Washington (“RCW”). Please see Nast v. Michels, 107 Wn.2d 300, 730 P.2d 54 (1986). Case records are also not considered administrative records in accordance with General Rule 31.1.

**The Snohomish County Recording Division will have the official record for real property transactions for Snohomish County, including deeds, liens, surveys, etc. They are deemed "public" by statute, RCW 65.04.140, and as such, are available for searching by the public. They may be searched on our website via the Internet on the Recording Page. They may also be viewed in person in our Recording Public Records customer service area during normal business hours (9:00am to 12:00 and 1:00pm to 5:00pm). You can also call this office at 425-388-3483 or mail your request to our office, and they will perform a search for you. The fee for searching recorded documents is $8.00 per hour. The state-governed fee for copies of our records is $1.00 per page.