Paine Field Mediated Role Determination (MRD)

In 1978-79, Snohomish County Commissioners adopted a resolution describing the role for future air services at Paine Field. The resolution became known as the Mediated Role Determination (MRD) document (PDF). The MRD document calls for light aircraft to be Paine Field’s primary users. It encourages growth of aircraft-related industries, business and corporate aviation, air taxi and commuter service. It discourages growth beyond 1978 service levels of air cargo aviation, supplemental and charter air passenger service, large transport crew training operations, and military aviation.

Economic Stimulus Plan

On October 23, 2002, to jump-start a faltering economy, the county council and former County Executive Bob Drewel, approved an economic stimulus plan (PDF). Among many other things, the plan required exploration of regional air service at Paine Field. The Regional Air Service Report requested by county council is due to be provided to the council soon.