Obtaining a Shoreline Permit

Step 1

Schedule a pre-application meeting with planning and development services (PDS) prior to submitting a land use application for any of the three shoreline permits.

Applications can be downloaded. The preapplication meeting fee must be submitted along with your completed documents.

Step 2

Fill out a Shoreline Permit Application (PDF), following the advice given by PDS staff in the preapplication meeting.

Applications for any of the three types of shoreline permits can be downloaded here.

Step 3

Call PDS at 425-388-3311 to schedule an appointment to submit your completed application and filing fees. Bring the completed application and the appropriate shoreline permit fees to your appointment. You will be issued a tracking number and the PDS project team will begin reviewing your application.

Note: There are certain types of development activities which may qualify for an exemption from the requirements of a Shoreline Management Substantial Development Permit. See Washington Administrative Code 173-27-040(2). If you believe your proposed activity may qualify, you may apply for an exemption.

To apply for an exemption, download the Exemption Request Form and Instructions (PDF).