Obtaining a Flood Hazard Permit

Step 1

Schedule a preapplication meeting with planning and development services (PDS) prior to applying for a flood hazard permit. Call 425-388-3311 for more information.

Step 2

Fill out a Flood Hazard Permit Application (PDF). Applications for flood hazard permits can be downloaded here, or you may call 425-388-3311 to have it mailed:

Step 3

Residential permit applications may be submitted in our office on a first-come first-serve basis. Complex commercial and land use permits are submitted by appointment only. Bring the completed application and the flood hazard permit filing fee ($300) to your appointment. You will be issued a tracking number and the PDS project team will begin reviewing your application.

For further information on the county’s work in flood management, please see the Public Works Surface Water Management Division section.