Economic Development

Few places are as strongly positioned for robust business growth and innovation as Snohomish County. A global center of the aerospace industry, in one of the world’s leading hubs of high-tech innovation, the seeds of the next wave of growth engines—from clean energy and biotechnology to composite and advanced technology manufacturing―are rooted here and growing strong.

This innovation doesn’t stop with high-tech industries, though. Snohomish County has emerged as a regional leader in revitalizing agriculture as a key industry in a rapidly-growing metropolitan region. Home to world-renowned art studios and cultural attractions, and spectacular outdoor recreation opportunities, and a strong spirit of entrepreneurship, creativity defines Snohomish County.

Growing a business is easier when everything is in place. To keep our economy strong and our businesses competitive, Snohomish County provides streamlined planning and permitting processes and a suite of custom services to fast track your business needs. Whether starting up, expanding, or relocating, Snohomish County has all the parts in place for your business to grow and prosper.