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Buy Local

Choosing to buy local food grown or made right here means its fresh, flavorful, and nutritious, and you're contributing to the quality of life we so greatly value here. Your purchases help strengthen the local economy, support your local family farm, preserve the local landscape and foster a sense of community.

You can find programs and projects locally, funded through the USDA, through their Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food (KYF2) initiative.

There's an app for that...

Looking for fresh, local food? There's an app for that. The new Puget Sound Fresh App, created by the Cascade Harvest Coalition and Pierce County, gives you instant access to a network of local farms and farmers, products and recipes in Snohomish County and beyond.

The new app is available in the Google Play (Android) and Apple stores.


Snohomish County Fall Farm Festivals

The farms of Snohomish County welcome the fall harvest with family-friendly activities all through the month of October. There's something for everyone. View listings for Snohomish County festivals and for other counties.

Find What's Fresh Now

To learn what's fresh from the farm right now, visit Puget Sound Fresh, or visit a farmers market near you.

Around the Farm

A brief description of Snohomish County's agricultural heritage and stories and photos of the people, places and products that make up Snohomish County's farming community.

On-farm experiences, now called Agritourism, are growing by leaps and bounds across the country, and Snohomish County has an abundance of opportunities for you and your family to explore. From farm tours to pumpkin patches to U-Pick fruit and vegetable crops, find out what's happening locally and how you can have your own Agritourism adventure. Visit Snohomish County tourism for more information.

Alternatively, take a tour of several farms at once through the Red Rooster Route.

For farmers interested in exploring new business ideas, the North American Farmer Direct Marketing Association includes a wealth of information, whether you're interested in finding or cultivating opportunities, or would just like to know more.

Centennial Farms

Since 2000, Snohomish County has honored more than 35 farms that have remained in constant production under the same family ownership for 100 years or more.

Farm Scrapbook

The Snohomish County Farm Scrapbook is a compilation of photos collected at the 2006 Evergreen State Fair. See if you recognize any of the photos:

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