JIS Background Checks

Superior Court Administration staff conduct a search of the judicial information system (JIS) and provides copies of the existence of any information and proceedings (criminal history) relevant to the placement of the child(ren) in a family law proceeding to judges and commissioners.

JIS background checks are done to assist the Court in determining finalization of the parenting plan for residential schedules, safe placement of children, and visitation, as well as these and any other safety considerations for third party custody petitions.

Final Parenting Plan

A JIS background check is needed prior to the presentation of a final parenting plan to the Court for entry, the party or parties presenting the final parenting plan shall submit a completed JIS background form to Snohomish County Superior Court Administration, located on the fifth floor of the Superior Court, Room 5620.


Per local court rule, the JIS request must be submitted no less than five court days prior to the date of presentation of the final parenting plan. There is no cost to the parties for this check.

Note: The results of the JIS expire 14 days after they are run. If you submit a JIS and your matter does not move forward for any reason within the week following your anticipated presentation, you will need to re-submit the JIS.

Filing & Access

Once you submit your JIS form and Court Administration completes the check, the form and results are given directly to the judge or commissioner for review at least two days prior to the proposed parenting plan presentation date. All information is kept in the confidential portion of the case file, also known as the GR22 file.

How to Submit a JIS

Access the form online. You may submit your completed JIS in the following ways only: (Do Not file JIS forms in the Clerk's Office - they will not be run.)

  • Mail
    Snohomish County Superior Court
    Attention: Programs Office – JIS Checks
    3000 Rockefeller Ave. M/S 502
    Everett, WA 98201
  • In person: Court Administration Room 5620, 5th Floor
  • Via email: View instructions to send via email (PDF). Note: If submitting via email, incomplete or incorrectly completed forms will be rejected and may result in a delay of performing your JIS check.

You do not need to call or email to see if your check was completed if it was submitted appropriately.

No faxed JIS forms will be accepted. Please do not alter the form in any way.

Contact Information

If you have any further questions regarding the JIS, you may call Court Administration at 425-388-3421 or send an email to jis@snoco.org.