Buildable Lands Procedures

The Recommended Methodology and Work Program for a Buildable Lands Analysis for Snohomish County and its Cities Report documents a recommended approach to the Snohomish County buildable lands analysis developed after extensive technical review by county, city, and other stakeholder group representatives during the period from January to July 2000.

It was prepared in response to the Snohomish County Countywide Planning Policies which required development of a buildable lands analysis procedures report to be used by local jurisdictions in Snohomish County when conducting their buildable lands review and evaluation. This report was developed with consultant assistance from ECONorthwest and approved by Snohomish County Tomorrow in October 2000. The Procedures Report provided general guidance to Snohomish County jurisdictions during preparation of the 2002, 2007, and 2012 buildable lands reports.

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