Boundary Review Board of Snohomish County

The Boundary Review Board for Snohomish County reviews and rules on proposed annexations and incorporations for cities and special purpose districts (fire, water districts, etc.). The board consists of five citizen volunteers who are appointed by the governor (two positions), local cities (one position), the county executive (one position), and local special purpose districts (one position).

Board Members

  • Chad Bates (Governor appointee)
  • David Hambelton, Chair (Governor appointee)
  • Nicolas Jensen (County Executive appointee)
  • Alison Sing, Vice Chair (Special Purpose Districts appointee)
  • Henry Veldman (Cities appointee)

To apply for an appointment to the Snohomish County Boundary Review Board, visit the Snohomish County Boards and Commissions section of our website. Apply Now

The Open Public Meetings Act (Chapter 42.30 RCW) delineates the parameters for public meetings for all public bodies in the State of Washington which include Boundary Review Boards. Agendas for public meetings can include any Notices of Intention (NOI) on file, pending notices, setting public hearing dates or other matters of interest to the Board. The agendas are posted at least one week in advance of meetings.

NOI File Log - Journal of Proceedings (Log of past NOIs and related files)

Forms and Documents

For more information about Boundary Review Boards in Washington State, visit the Washington State Association of Boundary Review Boards website at