Judicial Officers

Due to COVID-19, department locations are subject to change. For current department location, please check the reader boards located in the courthouse lobby or contact the department law clerk.

Judge Information

Judge Staff  Department  Floor  Building
Anna G. Alexander Law Clerk: Gianni Jaramillo 425-388-3532
Court Reporter: Beth Barkocy 425-388-3281
2D 2 Courthouse
George F. Appel Law Clerk: Daniel L. Chizek 425-388-3468
Court Reporter: JoAnn Bowen 425-388-6557
Criminal Working Copies: JudgeAppel.WorkingCopies@snoco.org
2B 2 Courthouse
Marybeth Dingledy Law Clerk: Jay F. Eckert (He/They) 425-388-3356
Court Reporter: Lynn McKay 425-388-3996
Criminal Working Copies: JudgeDingledy.WorkingCopies@snoco.org
5 Courthouse
Miguel M. Duran Law Clerk: Emma R. Fisk (She/Her) 425-388-5380
Court Reporter: Vacant
Criminal Working Copies: JudgeDuran.WorkingCopies@snoco.org
Roving Roving Courthouse
Anita L. Farris Law Clerk: Ali H. Mansour (He/Him) 425-388-3449
Court Reporter: Sheralyn Barton 425-388-3283
Criminal Working Copies: JudgeFarris.WorkingCopies@snoco.org
5C 5 Courthouse
Millie M. Judge Law Clerk: Devin M. Pearsall (She/Her) 425-388-3435
Court Reporter: Megan Foote 425-388-3274
Criminal Working Copies: JudgeJudge.WorkingCopies@snoco.org
2G 2 Mission
Jennifer R. Langbehn Law Clerk: Anna J. Krippaehne (She/Her) 425-388-3075
Court Reporter: Andrea Faubion 425-388-3303
Criminal Working Copies: JudgeLangbehn.WorkingCopies@snoco.org
1 1 DJJC
Cindy A. Larsen Law Clerk: Bradley D. Howells (He/Him) 425-388-3418
Court Reporter: Linda Warmuth 425-388-3785
Criminal Working Copies: JudgeLarsen.WorkingCopies@snoco.org
4A 4 Courthouse
Patrick M. Moriarty Law Clerk: Sean T. Keyes (He/Him) 425-388-5383
Criminal Working Copies: JudgeMoriarty.WorkingCopies@snoco.org
2 1 DJJC
Karen D. Moore Law Clerk: Kelly R. Wilson 425-388-3881
Court Reporter: Amanda Fisher 425-262-2987
Criminal Working Copies: JudgeMoore.WorkingCopies@snoco.org
3E 3 Courthouse
Edirin O. Okoloko Law Clerk: Michelle J. Furrer 425-388-7911
Court Reporter: Erin Duncan 425-388-3273
Criminal Working Copies: JudgeOkoloko.WorkingCopies@snoco.org
Richard T. Okrent Law Clerk: Harry Z. Hindmarsh 425-388-3571
Court Reporter: Johanna Rau 425-388-3276
Criminal Working Copies: JudgeOkrent.WorkingCopies@snoco.org
2C 2 Courthouse
Paul W. Thompson Law Clerk: Hanna A. Ivanovich (She/Her) 425-388-3014
Court Reporter: Gretchen Paletta 425-312-0578
Criminal Working Copies: JudgeThompson.WorkingCopies@snoco.org
2F 2 Mission
Jon T. Scott 

Law Clerk: Margaret M. Cheong  425-388-3215
Court Reporter: Eileen Sterns 425-312-0789
Criminal Working Copies: JonScott.WorkingCopies@snoco.org
2E 2 Courthouse
William C. Steffener Law Clerk: Nasrin M. Chaudhry (She/Her) 425-388-3039
Court Reporter: Donna Hunter 425-388-3273
Roving Roving Courthouse
Bruce I. Weiss Law Clerk: Jessie M. Schaller (She/Her) 425-388-7335
Court Reporter: Christie Leatiota 425-388-3088
Criminal Working Copies: JudgeWeiss.WorkingCopies@snoco.org
5D 5 Courthouse
Joseph P. Wilson Law Clerk: Hye-Young Lee 425-388-3792
Court Reporter: Vacant
Criminal Working Copies: JudgeWilson.WorkingCopies@snoco.org
3F 3 Courthouse

Commissioner Information

Commissioner Phone Department Floor Building
Susan E. Harness 425-388-3077 1C 1 Courthouse
Nicole M. Wagner 425-388-5386 1D 1 Courthouse
Lisa M. Micheli 425-388-3340 Roving 1 Roving
Melissa J. Kirkley 425-388-3161 1E 1 Courthouse
Soloman S. Kim 425-388-3778 1B 1 Courthouse
Ian M. Johnson 425-388-7933 DJJC 1 DJJC