Arts Commission

The Arts Commission is excited to offer grants to help support expanding cultural programs and activities in Snohomish County. Applications are due by January 15, 2019

Regular Meetings

  • 6 p.m.
  • Third Monday of every month
  • Gro Washington located at 3013 Colby Ave. Everett

The meetings are open to the public. For a request to be added to the agenda, please contact Hal Gausman, Cultural Division Manager by email or at 360-805-6729. Requests must be made three weeks before the next meeting.


  • District 1: Yvonne Gallardo and Michael Kundu
  • District 2: Colin Cole and VACANT
  • District 3: VACANT and VACANT
  • District 4: Keith Gehrig, Chair and VACANT
  • District 5: VACANT
  • At Large: VACANT

Snohomish County is seeking applications for membership on the Snohomish County Arts Commission. County residents who have relevant experience or skills are encouraged to apply. Applicants should fill out the online application (PDF).

About the Commission

This commission was created by the Snohomish County Council in July 2004 to:

  • Advocate for the arts as a part of Snohomish County’s culture
  • Recommend an annual arts program
  • Recommend criteria for selection of any artist or art work to be funded through the arts program
  • Provide reports on recommended acquisitions of artwork
  • Recommend the public site(s) for installation or performance of public art
  • Advise on maintenance, conservation, etc.
  • Make funding recommendations for specific works of art
  • Seek private or public donations and grants for the arts program
  • Provide an annual written report describing the commission’s activities and the arts program.

Contact Hal Gausman via email or at 360-805-6729 or visit the Snohomish County Arts Commission website for more information.