Right-of-Way Use

The Right-of-Way Use members of the Permitting Division are responsible for permitting activities in the county's road rights-of-way such as: creating a driveway to a new home, building future public roads in a new housing subdivision, or installing miles of sewer main deep beneath a heavily traveled paved road.

Permit Fees and Charges (PDF)

Change of Ownership/Transfer of Project Permits (PDF)

Submitting Insurance Information to the County (PDF)

Development Acceptance & Bond Administration

Any development project, no matter how big or small, which will encompass any work within the public’s right-of-way, is reviewed for compliance with Title 13, Snohomish County Road Ordinance*, and Title 30, Snohomish County Unified Development Code*. During this review process, it is determined which of these ordinances (or both) govern the project. A bond may be required from the applicant prior to permit issuance to guarantee construction, restoration, and performance of the installed facilities.

Delayed Construction of the Final Lift

Developers who choose, and receive County approval, to delay the construction of the final lift of asphalt on a new public or private road are required to post a Performance Security in conformance with County code and PDS Director's Rule 18-02. Delaying the final lift for frontage improvements is not allowed. The amount of the Performance Security is based on the County's anticipated cost of having to complete the work and is determined by completing a worksheet.

Bonding requirements are subject to Titles 13 and 30 SCC, specifically SCC 13.10.104 through 13.10.114 and Chapter 30.84 SCC.

For more information regarding potential project bonding requirements for proposed construction in the public right-of-way, please contact Shawn Toevs at (425) 262-2208.

County Road Utility Construction

Utility Construction Plan Requirements (PDF)

Utility Application Submittal Checklist (PDF) (Updated May 20, 2018)

Right-of-Way Use Utility Application (PDF)
Utility Pre Design Review (PDF)

EDDS Deviation for projects vested on or after September 30, 2010 (PDF)

Small Project Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)

Erosion Control BMPs

Driveway (Access) Permits and Culvert Enclosure Permits

  • For work within the public right-of-way only. This permit type does not provide approval for construction on private property
  • If your property fronts on a county right-of-way and you wish to create a driveway that will connect to the public road, you must obtain a county access permit
  • If you have an existing, non-permitted driveway and no structures on your property, and are coming to the department for development permit(s), you will be required to obtain a permit to bring your driveway access up to current standards
  • If you, or a commercial logger, are performing a logging activity and the logging truck(s) will access onto a county road
  • If you will be accessing from a private road that does not exist, a right-of-way use construction permit will be required to construct the private road intersection to the county road
  • Not if you access your property from an existing private road
  • Contact 425-388-3385 for an Access / Culvert Enclosure Permit Application, the permit fee is $82.40

County Road Access Application (PDF)

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