PDS GIS Maps & Information

Planning and Development Services GIS (Geographic Information Systems) provides geographic/geospatial data, interactive map applications, data analysis, and web services for all PDS functions. From long range policy planning to zoning and the permitting process, PDS GIS provides a wide selection of products and services.

PDS Map Portal Interactive Map

Open the PDS Map Portal

The PDS Map Portal provides quick access to a wealth of planning-related information for unincorporated Snohomish County. Use Map Themes to navigate through topics, such as Zoning, Future Land Use, Critical Area Regulations, Capital Facilities, and many more. The PDS Map Portal also offers a variety of built in tools for further exploration of data layers, as well as tools for searching, querying, creating, and editing features and annotation.

PDS iGallery Interactive Map

Open the PDS iGallery

The PDS iGallery is the destination for all publicly available maps and cartographic products from Snohomish County Planning and Development Services. The PDS iGallery is an application designed to  deliver our pre-built GIS-based cartographic map products to our customers by using an intuitive, interactive web viewer.

PDS Active Projects and Permit Interactive Map

Open the PDS Active Project and Permits Map

The PDS Active Projects and Permits Interactive Map provides quick access to all active projects and permit information for unincorporated Snohomish County.

PDS Historical Snohomish County Satellite Imagery Interactive Map

Satellite Imagery

The PDS Historical Snohomish Satellite Imagery application provides users with simple tools to compare and contrast various years of Satellite Imagery. View instructions on how to use this application (PDF).

Property Summary Report

The Property Summary Report provides a wealth of planning-related information about your property in an easy to print PDF. Curious what zoning or school district your property is within? Follow the simple instructions below and a PDF report will be generated specific to your property.

  1. Follow this link to view the PDS Map Portal to access your Property Report.
  2. Type in your parcel ID number on the left side of the screen and click “Search”
  3. The parcel in question should be outlined on the right side of the screen, click on the parcel and a pop-up window will show up
  4. Click on “Run Property Report” in the pop-up window, then wait for the software to generate your report
  5. Once your report is generated, click on “Download Property Report” on the left side of the screen.
  6. If you are using the Internet Explorer browser, click “Open” on the bottom when asked “Do you want to open or save SnocoPropertyReport…” If you are using Google Chrome, click on the tab labeled “SnocoPropertyReport...” at the bottom of the browser to see your property report.

View the PDS Map Portal to access your Property Summary Report

Property Summary Search Link Opens in new window

Other Snohomish County GIS Products

Snohomish County Interactive Maps

For a complete list of Snohomish County Interactive Maps, please the Interactive Maps of Snohomish County page. Links to other maps can also be found inside either of the above Interactive Maps by use of the "Open Other Interactive Map" tool, found in the toolbar. 

Downloadable Products

For further planning-related data, visit the GIS Data Downloads,Snohomish County Downloadable Maps, PDS ftp site, or the GIS Products page.

Other County Mapping Products

For more Snohomish County geospatial information, please the county's Maps & GIS page. 

GIS Map Services 

For access to Snohomish County's numerous published map services, please visit the county's GIS Map Services  page.

Aerial Photos

For access to information on the county's digital photos, please visit the Aerial Photos page.