Rules, Policies, & Regulations

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  1. General
  2. Camping
  3. Boating
  4. Reservations


  • Alcohol strictly prohibited
  • Pets must be quiet and under control at all times
  • No empty trailers in campsites
  • Boat launch is closed when trailer spaces are full (Flowing Lake)
  • Day-use parks and areas hours are 7 a.m. til dusk (20 minutes after sunset)
  • Fireworks are prohibited
  • Do not use hibachis and / or barbecues on table tops
  • Destroying, molesting, disturbing, or injuring property, vegetation, or animals is unlawful


Per Park Code 22.16.080, drones are not allowed in Snohomish County Parks. No person shall operate any radio/remote controlled or self propelled model airplane, glider, car, boat or any model rocket within a county park except in areas specifically designated by the parks division and posted for such use.  At this time, there are no designated areas.  

Metal Detectors

  • Metal detectors are allowed in County parks with certain guidelines:
  • No digging in grass turf areas
  • Enjoy your hobby without disturbing other park users, i.e. a busy beach
  • Please fill in your holes
  • Return valuables to the lost and found at our park headquarters.
  • Permits or Permission slips are not needed, however, Park Rangers do have the right to ask you not to use your detector in environmentally sensitive areas, campgrounds, or if they deem it inappropriate for use
  • Read more information about metal detectors.

Motor Vehicles

  • Speed limit is 5 mph (This is walking speed!).
  • Motor vehicles and Class 3 e-bikes may not drive on the trails.


  • For the enjoyment of all park visitors, loud speakers or stereo systems are prohibited
  • Campground quiet hours are 10 p.m. - 7 a.m.


  • Keep pets on an 8 feet leash and under control at all times when outside Off-Leash Dog Areas (OLDAs)
  • For other swimmers or sunbathers’ comfort and health, pets are not permitted on the beaches or the swim areas
  • No pets on sports fields at any time
  • Remember to scoop. You are responsible for removing all of your dog’s feces. Please carry equipment for removing waste with you.
  • No pets in Yurts, Yurt Villages, Kayak Kottage, or Cabins 1-3

Shelter Policies

  • No litter producing items. Examples include hay bales, water balloons, pinatas, or raw eggs
  • No nails, staples, or tacks will be used in shelter wood
  • Fires in fire pits only
  • Special cooking units for the purpose of barbecuing for large groups must be approved in advance by the Park Ranger
  • Maintain control of the group. The area shall be kept clean at all times and upon termination site shall be left in condition as found before event.
  • Reservations are for the shelter only. Restrooms will be shared by the general public
  • No reservations for parking, (parking is on a first-come, first-served basis only)
  • End time on permit is an approximate to sunset. Shelter and activity area must be vacated 1 hour before sunset. Willis Tucker Kite Shelter end times are 2 p.m. and 7 p.m.
  • There is a parking fee for all vehicles (Wyatt, Flowing Lake, Kayak Point, Wenberg Parks) even with shelter reservations
  • Amplified music is prohibited. No boom boxes allowed
  • Please do not remove picnic tables from other shelters or campsites

Crabbing (Kayak Point)

Crabbing is allowed from the pier during daylight hours (when in season).  Crabbing is not allowed from the pier after the day-use area closes (dusk).  

Rules are subject to change and additional rules may apply. To review an up to date, comprehensive list of rules, visit the Snohomish County Code page and reference Title 22 (Park Code) and Title 12 (Water Use).