Services / Contacts

General information can be answered by emailing the Public Works Department, or calling 425-388-3488.

For emergencies, call 911.


Email Public Works

TopicContactPhone NumberEmail
Public Works - General InformationPublic Works425-388-3488Email Public Works
Roads - General InformationRoads Information425-388-ROAD (7623)Email the Roads Division
Solid Waste - General InformationSolid Waste425-388-3425Email Solid Waste
Surface Water - General InformationSurface Water425-388-3464Email Surface Water Management

Roads & Bridges

TopicContactPhone NumberEmail
Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Accessibility - Pedestrian FacilitiesADA Compliance Program425-388-6438Email Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Accessibility - Pedestrian Facilities
Commercial Vehicle PermitsCustomer Service425-388-6453N/A
Construction ProjectsRoads Information425-388-ROAD (7623)Email the Roads Division
Construction UpdatesRoads Information425-388-ROAD (7623)Email the Roads Division
Litter CleanupRoad Maintenance425-388-7500Email Roads Maintenance
Paving ProgramRoads Information425-388-ROAD (7623)Email the Roads Division
Pothole RepairRoad Maintenance425-388-7500Email Roads Maintenance
Right-of-Way AcquisitionEngineering Services425-388-6658N/A
Right-of-Way Code ViolationsCustomer Service425-388-6453N/A
Right-of-Way Traffic Control PermitsCustomer Service425-388-6453Email the Customer Service Center
Road, Research RecordsCustomer Service425-388-6453N/A
Traffic CountsTraffic Operations425-388-6420Email Traffic Operations
Traffic SignalsTraffic Operations425-388-6420Email Traffic Operations
Sign Repair/ReplacementRoad Maintenance425-388-7500Email Road Maintenance
Water Over RoadwayRoad Maintenance425-388-7500Email Road Maintenance

Solid Waste

TopicContactPhone NumberEmail
RecyclingCustomer Service425-388-3425Email Solid Waste
Senior Citizen Garbage DiscountsCustomer Service425-388-3425Email Solid Waste
Transfer Stations, Drop Box Hours, LocationsCustomer Service425-388-3425Email Solid Waste

Surface Water

TopicContactPhone NumberEmail
Drainage ProblemsWatershed Steward425-388-6467Email Surface Water Management
Service ChargesUtility Billing425-388-6474Email Surface Water Management
Flood Warning Recordings: Snohomish, Skykomish,
and Snoqualmie Rivers
Flood Watch / Warning Information425-388-3653Email Surface Water Management
Flood Warning Recordings: Stillaguamish RiverFlood Watch / Warning Information425-388-3702Email Surface Water Management
Native Plant SalvageWatershed Steward425-388-6462N/A
River Management and Bank ErosionSurface Water425-388-3464Email Surface Water Management
Watershed StewardsSurface Water425-388-3464Email Surface Water Management
Water Quality ViolationsWater Quality Compliant Line425-388-6481N/A
24-Hour Spill LineDepartment of Ecology425-649-7000N/A