Discretionary Fund Rebate Program

The Stillaguamish Discretionary Fund rebate program helps landowners, community groups, and non-profit organizations carry out water quality improvement projects in the former Stillaguamish Clean Water District. The voluntary, non-regulatory program is administered by Snohomish County Surface Water Management (SWM) and offers funding for small projects on private or public property that will provide shellfish protection benefits in Port Susan or South Skagit Bay.

Eligible Projects

To be eligible for a Discretionary Fund rebate, your proposed project must be designed to improve the quality of surface water or groundwater within the former Stillaguamish Clean Water District. Below are several project examples. (Click on the photos to learn more.)

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Important Notes for Applicants

  • Your proposed project site must be located in the former Stillaguamish Clean Water District. See the online interactive map if you’re not sure.
  • Rebate funding is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis until program funds are exhausted.
  • Costs incurred prior to the date of your application are not eligible and will not be reimbursed.

Application Materials

Please e-mail your application to Elisa Dawson at elisa.dawson@snoco.org. If you would prefer to submit your application using a different method, please call Elisa at 425-388-6466 or the SWM main line at 425-388-3464.