Special Event Permits

A special event permit is required for any private event or public event exceeding 50 people. Individuals or groups holding a public or private special event with 50 or more participants will need to obtain a permit form the Snohomish County Fire Marshal’s Office. A special event permit is not required for events with less than 50 participants. If the event is being held at a county park, the applicant will need to contact Snohomish County Parks and Recreation at 425-388-6600 to obtain approval. Please note the Fire Marshal special event permit is in addition to any other state, federal, and/or local permits that may be required to operate the special event.

Obtaining A Special Event Permit

A special event permit application must be submitted to the Office of the County Fire Marshal a minimum of 30 days prior to the event. An instructional guide lists the application requirements. Applications must be submitted electronically through PDS's online permitting system at MyBuildingPermit.com. See our Online Permitting page for more information.

Permit Issuance

The Fire Marshal’s Office is authorized under SCC 30.53A.800 to issue special event permits. The permit ensures conformance with fire, life, and safety provisions in the county code. As a part of the special event permit process, the Fire Marshal will inspect any temporary tents or structures erected on the property. In addition, organizers of public special events exceeding 100 or more participants are required to sign an indemnity agreement and provide proof of insurance