Yurt Camping

Camp year round in style and comfort in a yurt at our Kayak Point Park Village and River Meadows Park Village. Yurts are virtually a "turn-key" approach to camping. Just bring sleeping bags or blankets, pillows, extra clothing, and food. Nothing else is necessary. These circular, domed tents traditionally served as shelters for Mongolian nomads and were made of poles covered with felt or animal skins. .


Unlike the nomads, our yurts are covered in canvas and include such amenities as electric outlets, skylights, heat, interior lighting, windows with screens, lockable doors, and outside decks. Each Yurt comes furnished with a futon, bunk bed, and coffee table. Outside each yurt you’ll find a picnic table and fire ring. Yurt Villages include lighted walkways, and nearby heated restroom with showers. Villages can accommodate group camping (families, clubs, companies, scouts, churches, schools, etc.).

Prohibited Items

Alcohol, tents, and pets are prohibited in yurts and the yurt villages. All yurts are smoke-free.

Please Note: Same-day reservations and walk-in registrations cannot be accommodated.

Kayak Point Yurt Village                                                    RESERVE NOW!

The Yurt Village at Kayak Point Park is located on a bluff above Port Susan, and is adjacent to the campground. All ten Yurts are 16’ in diameter and can accommodate up to five campers. Yurt #7 has a wrap-around deck. Within the village is a small picnic shelter for the exclusive use of yurt tenants. Yurt #10 is located just outside the village in a hook-up campsite, which can accommodate three additional visitors in up to two tents or one RV. 

River Meadows Yurt Village                                               RESERVE NOW!

The Yurt Village at River Meadows Park is comprised of three 16’ yurts and three 20’ yurts which can accommodate up to five, seven, or eight campers. Yurt three has a wrap-around deck and offers a panoramic view of the meadow. The restroom facility is comprised of six private bathrooms/showers that are accessed by your yurt key.

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