Planning for a Thriving Tomorrow

Welcome to the Snohomish County Long Range Planning Division (LRP). The division supports Executive Somers' vision of thriving communities, a strong economy, flourishing working lands, and clean air and water. Snohomish County is growing by over 15,000 new residents every year. Working with policy makers, communities, and regional partners, LRP aims to create vibrant places where people live, work, and play.

We are pleased to provide information about what we do and hope that it helps your participation in the long-range planning process. If you have questions about permitting or building applications, please visit the permitting section of our website.

Also, be sure to visit the County Council, Planning Commission, Snohomish County Tomorrow,  Agricultural Advisory Board , and Design Review Board websites for upcoming meeting dates and times, as well as additional information.

Follow the links below for more details about each topic.

Comp plan

Comprehensive Plan

Read about future plans and ongoing efforts to guide population and job growth in Snohomish County.
Code Dev

Code Development Projects

Find information about ongoing and recently completed changes to Snohomish County's Unified Development Code and other County codes.

Shoreline Mgmt

Shoreline Management Program (SMP)

Look through our existing SMP maps, policies, and regulations and find out about the Periodic Review due in 2019.
AG_nat resource

Agriculture & Natural Resources

View reports prepared for special work efforts related to the working farms and forests at the heart of our economy.


Find out about the five methods of annexation and browse through our list of annexation resources.


Discover how our Demographics Team collects and analyzes data related to growth, they track development, and forecast trends to plan for the future.

Tribal Partnerships

Tribal Partnerships

Learn more about how we work with the sovereign governments of the three Indian Tribes with reservations located in Snohomish County.
State regional Policies

State & Regional Policies

Find information about the state requirements and regional agreements that direct our planning efforts.
Documnt resource links

Documents & Resource Links

Find links to our many plans and reports all in one convenient location.
Glossary of terms

Glossary of Planning Terms

See what all of the terms and acronyms commonly used in planning discussions really mean.