Snohomish County offers a variety of learning choices to all employees through the Continuous Learning Center. You have an opportunity to self-direct your learning with classroom and online training. There are many resources and tools for your personal and professional development.

Continuous Learning Center

Employees receive access to the Continuous Learning Center online portal within the first month of employment. You will be able to complete 100’s of online courses, read 1000’s of digitized books online and self register for instructor led courses via the online learning portal. All classes require pre-registration and supervisor approval if you are completing on paid county time. In addition, employees have access to the Human Resources EmWeb site to learn more about the offerings from the Continuous Learning Center. For more information or questions contact the Human Resources Department.


Every Snohomish County Employee deserves to work in a safe, productive and inclusive environment that fosters continuous learning as a means of achieving life and career mastery.

Ed Oleson

"At Fleet, we have contact with virtually every group in the county; it makes the job a lot of fun."

- Ed, Fleet Management