Employee Governance

As a County employee, you may be covered by several employment rules, including personnel rules, state acts, federal acts and labor agreements. Also, depending on the category of representation you fall under, you may be subject to additional rules. For your reference, some are highlighted next.

General Ordinance

Legal References

Depending on your position at the County, you may fall under more than one category of representation; below you can learn more about each category. For example, you may be a represented, classified employee.


All positions in the employ of Snohomish County that are not exempted under the provisions of SCC Chapters 3A.13 and 3.68 and subject to limitations imposed by chapter 3A.14. This category may also be termed classified staff service


All positions in the employ of Snohomish County excluded from coverage of the rules by SCC Chapters 3A.13 and 3.68.


Upon hire, a represented employee becomes part of a bargaining unit represented by a Union. All union negotiation and bargaining is certified under the Public Employment Relations Commission.

Civil Service

All positions under the Sheriff's Office are covered by Civil Service Rules.

Labor Relations

Labor and Employee Relations is responsible for:

  • Collective bargaining
  • Compliance and contract administration
  • Advising departments in grievance matters
  • Interpreting and applying labor laws, which includes interpreting Personnel Rules and other ordinances; State and Federal Law interpretation or application; discipline consultation and routine problem resolution. The purpose is to lead and direct the conduct of labor negotiations in accordance with policy guidelines established by the executive and council. Refer to SCC 2.600.060 (7) - Human Resources Functions.