Septic System Care

Protect Your Investment!

A failing septic system can be expensive to repair and is a serious health risk to your family, pets and our local waterways. More than 78,000 Snohomish County homes rely on septic systems. With proper care and maintenance, yours can keep on running for years to come.  

  • Step 1. Look Up Your Septic System Type and Records
  • Step 2. Practice Proper Septic System Care and Maintenance
  • Step 3. Attend An Upcoming Septic Care Workshop
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 Your Septic System - Easy Steps to Keep It Running

Step 1. Look Up Your Septic System Type and Records

You can find the type of your septic system and its location by finding your system's "As-Built Drawing" on the Snohomish County Health Department website in their Online RME database.

  • Learn how to look up your septic system As-Built by watching this video or viewing this instruction sheet
  • Once you find your As-Built, carefully review the drawings and records to find your system type and components.
  • In the table at the bottom of the page, find your system type and download the guide(s) for your system.

Step 2. Practice Proper Septic System Care and Maintenance

These publications will help you protect your family’s health and avoid expensive repairs by keeping your system running for years to come.

Septic BMP handout
Easy ways to keep your system running
Septic Sense booklet image
Septic Sense - An overview of septic system care 
Landscape Handout
Landscaping On and Around Your Septic System

Additional Resources

Step 3. Attend An Upcoming Septic Care Workshop

Visit the Snohomish Health Department's Savvy Septic Program to view upcoming workshop dates, register for workshops or sign up to receive notice of upcoming workshops in their quarterly newsletter for septic system homeowners. 

Care Guides by Septic System Type
In the table below, find your system type and download the corresponding guides.

System Type / Component  Corresponding Guide & Example Inspection Report
Gravity Gravity System Guide 
Gravity Inspection Report 
Pump Chamber & Alarm Pump Chamber & Alarm Guide 
Low-Pressure Distribution (LPD) LPD System Guide 
LPD Inspection Reports
Drip Dispersal Drip System Guide 
Drip Inspection Report 
Mound Mound System Guide
Mound Inspection Report 
Sand Filter Sand Filter Guide 
Sand Filter Inspection Report
Sand-Lined Bed (SLB) Sand-Lined Trench Systems
Sand Filter Inspection Report
Aerobic Treatment Unit (ATU) ATU Guide
ATU Inspection Report 
Proprietary System Find and strictly follow the manufacturer’s operation and maintenance manual 
Example Proprietary Inspection Report