Parks & Facilities


Backman Park
Bob Heirman Wildlife Park at Thomas' Eddy
Cavalero Hill Park              
Centennial MainTrail (CT)                       
Darrington Archery Range 
Davies Beach (Wyatt Park)                    
Esperance Park                  
Evergreen State Fairgrounds                 
Fairfield Park     
Field's Riffle    
Flowing Lake Park & Campground                  
Forsgren Park                    
Gissberg Twin Lakes
Heybrook Ridge                  
Interurban Trail                 
Jordan Bridge   
Kayak Point Golf Course            
Kayak Point  Park & Campground                   
Lake Goodwin Community Park
Lake Roesiger Park                       
Lake Stevens Community Park              

Lake Stickney Community Park 
Lime Kiln Trail 

Logan Park
Lord Hill Regional Park                
Machias Trailhead (CT)                
Martha Lake Airport Park                       
Martha Lake Park             
McCollum Park Pool                     
McCollum Pioneer Park              
Meadowdale Beach                      
Meadowwood Park         
Miner's Corner Park         
Nakashima Barn/North Trailhead (CT)            
Narbeck Wetland Sanctuary                  
North Creek Park              
Paine Field Community Park                  
Paradise Valley Conservation Area                  
Picnic Point Park               
Portage Creek Park                      
Reiter Foothills Trailhead            
Rhody Ridge Arboretum  

River Meadows Park & Campground  
Riverscene Park            
Robe Canyon Trail
Robert Leary Open Space Reserve
Silvana P​ark
Silver Creek Park               
Skylight Tracts                    
Snohomish River Estuary            
Southwest County (Olympic)                
Spencer Island                   
Squire Creek Park & Campground                   
Sunset Park 
Tambark Creek Park                    
Thomas' Eddy                      
Twin Rivers Park                
Wenberg Park & Campground             
Whitehorse Community Park
Whitehorse Regional Trail                
Willis Tucker Community Park                    
WSU Extension Office (at McCollum Park)

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Flowing Lake Campsite
 Picnic Shelter information
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Weikel Room tables and chairs
Off Leash Area dog
Water Access at Wyatt Park
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