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Posted on: December 6, 2016

Cold Weather Tips to Help Keep Your Pets Comfortable

Make sure your pets have adequate protection from the cold weather

The following are some cold weather tips to help keep your pets safe and comfortable:

*Provide a dry covered area that is protected from rain, wind, and snow. 

*Provide  a dog bed, blankets or cedar shavings in the covered area for your pet to sleep on. 

*Ensure your pet has plenty of fresh water and food. Lukewarm water will help keep the water from freezing. 

*Consider bringing your outdoor pets indoors when harsh weather hits.

*Your dog can lose their scent in the snow and become lost. Keep your dog on a leash and ensure your pets are licensed and microchipped.

*Cats often seek shelter under car hoods. Bang loudly on the hood of your car or honk the horn before starting the engine.

*After walking or playing in snow, wipe off your pet's paws so the snow and ice does not irritate their feet. 

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