Snohomish County offers a comprehensive benefits package to eligible employees and their eligible dependents. Choose from top medical and dental insurance plans, plan for your future with tax-deferred investing retirement options, enjoy generous paid time off benefits, and protect yourself and your family with life and long term disability insurance.


Open Enrollment for Snohomish County employees will be February 15, 2017 through Wednesday, March 1, 2017. Visit the Open Enrollment webpage to learn more!

Eligible Employees

  • Employees who receive a regular appointment and who are employed for 20 hours per week
  • Some interns, seasonal, variable hour, and temporary employees may be determined eligible for limited healthcare benefits
  • Some temporary employees may receive vacation, sick leave and retirement benefits

Eligible Dependents

  • The person to whom you are legally married (your spouse)
  • A domestic partner for whom you have submitted an Affidavit of Domestic Partnership
  • Your (or your spouse's or domestic partner's) natural, step, adopted child, or child legally placed with you for adoption, court appointed legal guardianship, a child for whom you (or your spouse or your domestic partner) are required to provide coverage by a legal qualified medical child support order (QMCSO), and who is under the age of 26
  • Note: Temporary, seasonal, and provisional employees that are determined to be eligible for medical insurance benefits may only enroll their eligible dependent children. Biological and adopted children are eligible. Spouses, domestic partners (and their children), foster children, and stepchildren are excluded and are not eligible for benefits. Review the County's ACA Employer Shared Responsibility Guide to learn more.

Documentation of Dependents Eligibility

Employees must furnish documentation with their benefit enrollment forms in order for Human Resources to determine the eligibility of a dependent. The following documentation is required for applicable dependents:

  • Spouse: Copy of certified marriage certificate
  • Domestic Partner: Affidavit of Domestic Partnership
  • Adopted child: Copy of certified Adoption Decree
  • Natural child: Copy of certified birth certificate or statement of live birth on hospital letterhead
  • Court appointed child: Copy of certified court order (with specified end date - if applicable)

Enrollment - New Employees

New employees are required to submit all benefit enrollment forms to Human Resources (HR) within 30 days from their date of hire.

Effective Date of Benefits - New Employees

New employees become eligible to enroll in healthcare coverage on the date the employee has worked for the County long enough to satisfy any required probationary period. Coverage effective dates are determined by an employee’s date of hire:

  • Employees hired between the 1st and the 15th of the month - benefits are effective the 1st of the next month. Example: An employee that is hired on June 2nd will be covered effective July 1st.
  • Employees hired between the 16th and the 31st - benefits are effective the 1st of the next following calendar month. Example: An employee that is hired on June 20th will be covered effective August 1st.

Waiving Benefits & Cancelling Voluntary Benefits

Employees and their dependents may waive coverage or cancel their benefit elections within 30 days from their date of hire, change in status/special enrollment right, or during the during the annual enrollment period:

Change in Status & Special Enrollment Rights

Current employees may enroll in benefits, change their current benefit elections, or remove coverage when they first become eligible, during the annual open enrollment period, if they experience a change in status, or if they qualify for a special enrollment right.

Examples of a change in status include marriage, divorce, having a new baby or perhaps your spouse or dependent child gained or lost coverage through their employer, etc. There are other life events that may affect an employee's benefit eligibility and their ability to add or remove dependents from coverage and/or to change plans.

Current employees that experience a change in status or qualify for a special enrollment right must submit an application for changes and supporting documentation to Human Resources within 30 days of the event (unless otherwise stated in our Change in Status & Special Enrollment Rights Summary). If the application is not received by HR within 30 days, the employee must wait until the next annual open enrollment to enroll, change their current benefit elections, or to remove coverage.

Review the
 Change in Status & Special Enrollment Rights Summary to learn more and review the Change in Status Checklist if you experience a change in status or qualify for a special enrollment right.

Annual Open Enrollment Period

The annual open enrollment period is the only time, other than when initially eligible or special enrollment period/change in status, during which employees and dependents may enroll, remove coverage, or change current benefit elections. The annual enrollment period generally occurs for a set timeframe in February of each year for changes that take effect the beginning of the plan year, which is April 1st.

View Your Current Benefits 

Employee/Manager Self Service (EMSS) (Intranet link) provides current employees access to view their current benefit elections and other personal information.


Access payroll forms, direct deposit information, paydays, and more.

Rights and Rules

Refer to the applicable reference to learn more about benefit provisions.

Employees may fall under more than one category of representation. For example, an employee may be a represented and classified employee. Refer to the Rights & Rules website to learn more.

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